JESSE VENTURA on Gun Control

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Quigley_Sharps, Dec 23, 2012.

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    very well spoken jesse --pierce should have a old fashioned tar and feather party and run out of town on a rail--bloody brit
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    Piers Morgan should do like his name sake and take a long walk off a short pier carrying a heavy load of guns--(poor guns) and walk back to Briton
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  4. UGRev

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    The overwhelming applause was loud and clear.
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    They will never admit the 2nd Amendment is for protection against an abusive government. In their minds, tyranny will never happen. And yet, history proves no society is eternal -they each crumble and decay and turn into oppressive societies in cycles. It is the will of the people and their hunger for freedom and liberty which ultimately decides the outcome. Guns, to the globalists are obstructions to their goal of reaching ultimate power over all life. The corporations continue to employ psychological tactics, twisting words and attempting to sway the feeble and ignorant, but the 3% stand ready.

    There's no use attempting to persuade these people, they just want a perfect world in a world filled with fallible beings.

    Smith and Wesson makes us equals, and *should* keep the government subservient. Everything else is just poppycock.
  6. enloopious

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    The reason the Polish people are the butt of so many jokes is because when Hitler rolled the Panzer tanks into Poland they stood up to him even though they had only horse back cavalry and mostly ineffective weaponry. They would rather die than be slaves to an invading force. It was very heroic just as when the Samurai stood up to the American firearms with sword and spear. The point I am making is that Smith and Wesson is not really going to keep us as equals to what ever technological monster we have let our government create in secret, it is but the beginning. We should have every armament that the government has access to including nuclear weapons, lasers, etc. If we don't trust our neighbors with nukes how can we trust a homicidal government, that we are supposed to be in charge of, with them? The government kills people every day whether it is from one of its vast wars, secret torture prisons, or assassination hit squads. When was the last time YOU killed someone? YOU are way more trust worthy than our government and I would rather you had a tank, bomb, missile than them.

    So yes everyone should have access to guns, all kinds of guns, but that is a very small start.
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    Ok i think we should all have tanks but I draw the line at nukes. I mean come on most people in this country can't walk and chew gum at the same time. There'd be little mushroom clouds all over as neighbor nukes neighbor over loud music from a party or just from plain old negligence and accidents.
  8. enloopious

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    And yet STILL I would trust them all more than I trust our government.
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    I also find it interesting that Ice-T makes the same point in his July 2012 video ( ), about firearms not being for hunting - they're for protection against tyranny.
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    I remember when they let piers morgan into the United States and gave him his own shown on msnbc.
    Since the last post on here did you know that Jeremy Clarkson punched out piers morgan on the set of top gear? Breaking his hand on piers Morgans face. Thus making Clarkson the most interesting man in the world.
    It looks like he is where we all wanted to see him, kicked to the curb, shunned by his countrymen. Now he is going crawling to tucker Carson for a platform, tomorrow I think. I kind of want to see the interview out of sheer morbid curiosity.
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  11. enloopious

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    Yeah, he has totally changed his tune in the hopes that people are stupid and have a short memory. The guy is an idiot. Writing a book about free speech isn't going to fool anyone.
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