Jet Boats for Survival?????

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    Have you ever wondered where your jetboat can take you?

    How about the Deschutes?


    Maybe the Rogue?


    Snake or Salmon? Heller to Pittsburg Landing?


    Does the upper Clackamas look fun?


    Have you ever played up here?


    What does this boat look like running the Salmon River?
    What does this boat look like running the Salmon River?

    Do you have high-speed internet?

    This boat can probably take you 10 miles past the CR on its own.
    And I think it knows its way from Clackamette to the Mine Field without my help.
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  3. Byte

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    Was just dreaming of unlimited access to fuel/food and a decent boat to explore the entire southern coast of Alaska! Was using Google Earth to get a look starting at the very southern tip all the way up through the inside passage and out to the end of the Aleutians. Would be an amazing few years of living and exploring.

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    wow incredible trip of a lifetime material, beautiful country..
  5. Byte

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    Yeah now if only I could find that magic wand I misplaced. I'd even settle for a cereal box decoder ring and treasure map to the money tree!

    I figure to make it worth it...5 solid years. Hmmm anybody know a venture capitalist? Preferably one that never actually reads the contract! [ROFL]


    I found the boat I want! Not quite a jet boat...but I think it'd get me around!

    I think it'd be just the thing! Plenty of room to move space...fuel capacity/range...

    Oh the possibilities!
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