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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Nov 9, 2010.

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  2. Falcon15

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    I had a similar piece of equipment for my 100 gallon saltwater tank, ages ago. worked great to siphon the fish poo and waste out and it literally was shake to start. Personally when I buy from Amazon, I check similar items or the item for user ratings and read the feedback. Customers there seem to be honest and on the level.
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  3. Minuteman

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    I accidently put some gasoline in a diesel engines fuel tank. Yeah ok no ribs on how that happened. I went inside the truck stop and bought one of those and a gas can thinking I could siphone it back out. Thing might work on a barrel or maybe bucket to bucket but it is worthless for automotive use. I wound up doing the old suck and spit to get anything at all out of it and finally gave up.

    In case your wondering. I poured some Lucas oil in the tank filled it with diesel and kept it above the 3/4 mark for the next 1000 miles. Thing ran better than it ever had!!!
  4. ghrit

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    hehehe. We had a very experienced operating engineer on one of my jobs that flat filled the tank on a Gradall with gasoline. About three spits and spats and that was the end of it until the tank and engine were completely flushed and refilled. He got demoted to wiper from mechanic. Lucky the Master Mechanic was his uncle.
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    Luckily I caught it after only 8 gallons. I was in Illinois or Indiana, don't remember but was on my way to Knob Creek to meet up with Melbo, Clyde and Phishi. I got plenty of ribbing about "gassing" up over the weekend.

    In Okla, Tx, La all my stomping grounds the gas stations have black handles on the gas pumps and Green or Yellow on the Diesel. I pull into a BP truckstop and pull up to the pump with the green handle and start pumping. Look down and see "Regular" on the pump. Crap!! The pumps had every color of handle there is. No rhyme or reason. Damned Yankees!! Luckily it only cost me a couple of hours time.
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