Jihadist and Cheaters

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    I must be too old not to think of this.
    I found it interesting that the way Jihadist and Petraeus got around emails being traced is to not send emails.
    They create drafts.
    Evidently they learned from the Jihadist that you open a Google or Yahoo type account - everyone has the account information. You create an email but save it as a draft . Then you log into the account and read the email as a draft.
    Evidently - No one can trace it in conventional ways

    Think of all the potential applications

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  2. Brokor

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    But that's just not fair! :cry:
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  3. Clyde

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    I can see Brokor sitting at some military prison like Gitmo, and the conversation goes like this:

    "But I reserved my rights under UCC 1-207, 1-103." said Brokor

    " Well Yes you did, but since nobody knows where you are and we left a farewell friends note in your inbox, everyone things you are gone or dead. Oh, we don't have attorneys here. We will come back in 5 years to see how you are doing. I brought you the entire UCC as a gift. Read away, we don't care."
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  4. tulianr

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    In the end though, if you don't want someone reading it, you shouldn't write it. If you don't want them to hear it, you shouldn't say it. My years playing with NSA taught me that, if nothing else. Too many people count on clever technological work-arounds, and the presumption of anonymity, to protect them. With rare exception, during my years as an intercept operator, every communication that I ever collected - radio, telephone, or email - was transmitted by someone who thought they were smarter than the average monkey, and had found a way to protect their communications.

    As for me, I assume that the powers that be can always identify and locate me, and that someone may be watching my every keystroke. I conduct myself accordingly. Assuming that you are smarter than the best minds in the technical branches of the NSA and the FBI leads to arrogance of action and speech, and perhaps to unfortunate consequences. Just my two cents.
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    And it is my experience that the criminals and terrorists are saints compared to the watchers and prosecutors who presume the average citizen to be too complacent and timid to notice they are being toyed with. Never forget that most of what you see is a facade --smoke and mirrors with a light show. Before Habib is chatting away with his buddy in Pakistan, and covert intelligence operators are tracking his every move, he first received an education at one of our prestigious universities and was trained by the same people who pretend to hunt him. Meanwhile, every average citizen becomes thrown into the same category, an enemy non-combatant who will be licensed, regulated, tracked and policed until they are placed into the ground --slaves are made in such a way.

    This is where my signature line comes into play; I knowingly reserve my inalienable rights protected by the Constitution under common law whilst operating within the jurisdiction of merchant dealings under Admiralty. I therefore relinquish none of my rights and enter no contracts or implied contracts except under duress.

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  6. Clyde

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    Yes. I was simply jokingly making the point that we have to be dealing with a government who will honor those rights. If You are deemed an enemy combatant or whatever they want to call a citizen, then when you are whisked away, they won't care and no one will know where are. Scary that one would have to think that way.
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  7. chelloveck

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    It has ever been so....most likely said by the man in the iron mask! :eek:
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  8. Clyde

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    We watched the Richard Chamberlin version of this movie with the kids. They loved it. Alexandre Dumas is probably my all time favorite author.
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