Jim Beam and Maker's Mark has agreed to be acquired by a Japanese company in a $13.62 billion deal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stg58, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. stg58

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    I am going on record as not liking this but at least it is not a Chinese company....

    Guess I will buy a few Maker's Mark USA owned before the sale closes.


    The maker of classic American whiskeys Jim Beam and Maker's Mark has agreed to be acquired by a Japanese company in a $13.62 billion deal that would create the third largest global premium spirits business.
    Shares of Beam Inc. rose 24 percent on Monday after it said that it agreed to be purchased by Suntory Holdings Ltd., a Japanese beverage company. The combined company would have annual sales of more than $4.3 billion.

    Jim Beam acquired: Japanese company to buy Beam, Inc. (+video) - CSMonitor.com
  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    maybe they will sell high and buy low when no-one buys the product after the take over...LOL
  3. August West

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    Maybe they bought it so they can afford to buy it over there. When I was in Korea it was amazing what could be bought for a fifth of American bourbon, or so I was told. ;)
  4. DarkLight

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    That's too bad. I've just recently begun acquiring a taste for Maker's Mark...
  5. gunbunny

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    The big question remains- why did the owners of Jim Beam decide that they needed to sell? Were they not happy with their profits as they were? How much profit is enough? Were they angry that they couldn't water down the Maker's Mark without the consumers complaining about it?

    Next up to the selling block will be Harley Davidson, just wait.

    Gotta get rid of the icons.

    Edited to add- I don't really like JB, but know and understand what it's brand means.
  6. ditch witch

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    Sometimes I feel like all the other countries have this map of the US, all carved up into assets, and they're all buying us up a piece at a time.
    Been watching Jericho too much.
  7. Clyde

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    If you were a wealthy business man in Japan waiting for the collapse of the yen, then you would do what ever you could to get out of the yen. Even though we have our problems, America is still considered the best place to sink money for safety in assets. I will say Yamazaki single malt scotch (18 yrs) is amazing.
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  8. stg58

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    Might be an interesting reality show filming some of the long time Kentucky Beam or Maker's Mark distillers and other workers being told to change their ways by a Japanese "efficiency expert" :)
  9. VisuTrac

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    As someone said before, thankfully it wasn't the Chinese, as they already own the largest pork products producer in the US.
    I won't buy Smithfield products at all.
    Thankfully, we raise our own every other year, and off years, my farmer friend supplies our pastured pork.
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  10. Dont

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    Oh darn, I liked an occasional beam and coke.. Did not care for makers mark, watery tasting...
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