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    One of my favorite survival writers/bloggers - James Dakin


    Survivalists agonize over guns, something I understand but try not to encourage too much. Guns are great, but they aren’t exactly a butt dildo your gay dude shops for with the perfect color a burning question in his mind, right after length and girth ( do colors matter? Is the skin tone important, or are colors not seen in nature important? Neon yellow all right? See what I mean. You are gay and so you don’t want to be That Guy and be prejudiced and discriminate against a mocha chocolate color, but you are also worried what your dates think. Are you normally the inserter or the insertee? The husband or the wife? If you are supposed to be macho, bright colors are out. This crap can obviously get complicated ). While you should be selecting the proper tool according to ammunition considerations ( the main article in the January 2016 issue of Malthusian Survivalist Newsletter ), most folks just look at their middle eastern urban combat hero’s and buy the same gun because it is cool and wicked bad ass, yo! I’ll admit I occasionally lust after thirty caliber battle rifles of Spanish/German design ( in American clone variety for budgetary reasons ), and it would be little trouble to buy my first one with excess savings on hand ( the ammo now, that would be an ongoing several paycheck pillagings to acquire in a relative hurry ).

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    Drama in SHTF World! Jim Rawles vs. James Dakin
    {sound of announcer}
    “In the left hand corner, wearing camouflage shorts is the Heavy Weight champion – Jim Rawles!”
    *applause* *whistles*

    “And in the right hand corner, wearing olive drab shorts is the challenger – James Dakin!”
    *whistles* *applause*

    This is the way it would appear at least to anyone following TEOTWAWKI/Survival/SHTF blogs. There’s more drama here than an episode of The Young and the Restless. It all started with a reader comment Rawles posted Tuesday that included the line: “that clown Dakin at the Bison Blog drives me crazy with his un-tested ‘this might work’ ideas.” Or did it start earlier? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care.

    Dakin, in true Dakin style, followed with an entire post today trashing Rawles and the reader comment (Rawles post: http://www.survivalblog.com/2007/12/letter_re_thanks_for_survivalb.html; and Dakin post: http://bisonsurvivalblog.blogspot.com/). Dakin should at least get some credit for having the guts to allow reader comments where most people are trashing him.

    Oh the drama!

    Here we have Rawles whose idea of blogging is to let everyone send him letters that he can copy and paste into a post (posts that typically tout how great he is and how they’re sending him money), and angry Dakin whose idea of blogging is to trash everyone making more money than him.

    Drama in SHTF World! Jim Rawles vs. James Dakin

    Sorry, Rawles, as usual, has apparently pulled the post where Jim got slammed and Rawles got caught. This is SOP for Rawles when he posts something stupid and then pulls it and claims it was never there to begin with, such as his admitting he was a REMF.

    Also Rawles "non-fiction" book (and talk about ''un-tested ‘this might work’ ideas.”!!) is 99.7% letters pulled from the blog and the usual witless stupidities added by Rawles. Good only for committing suicide 'after the day' (if you do any of the stupid stuff in it, or in any other Rawles book for that matter) and others who know nothing and want to remain that way!

    Jim on the other hand changed his blog site so the one listed here is not up, but you can go read his new blog site, which as usual, is great fun, obnoxious and offensive to the stupid.
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    Who the flip cares what either of these Survivalist Yahoos has to pontificate.... They are BOTH Drama Queens.... I put both in the same category as Alex Jones...
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    I was a Drama Queen until I played in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet at the Met. We went 46 days with a packed house and triple curtain calls. But Romeo was fat and Juliet wore spike heels--and after that I never wanted to be the balcony again.
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    I'm sorry, what part of "is great fun, obnoxious and offensive to the stupid." did you think I was kidding and/or wrong about?
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    Well I suppose I am one of the stupid according to the above criteria.
    To each his own.
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