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    Multi-billionaire investor, was a guest on GBTV last evening. anyone else catch him?

    To loosely list his high points, he predicts:
    1.Food shortages and ever higher food prices leading to social unrest everywhere in the world including here.
    2. A replacement currency for the US dollar as he thinks the socialist experiment over there will collapse dragging us down with it now that we are linked economies.
    3. The collapse will lead to WW-3 as it has in the past.
    ( led to wars ).

    I do not have all the answers either except pray and prep as the EU's oil embargo against Iran, announced today, will lead, IMHO, to Iran closing the straights of Hormuz giving us $7.00 per gallon gasoline and even higher diesel which will then spiral into food shortages and prices etc.per #1 above. Sort of fits in with the Obimination's One World crisis then One World Government scheme, doesn't it???

    Laus Deo
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    $7.00 or more a gallon gas is a trigger for Bug out and hunker for my group. .. YMMV. Rogers has it right. It is coming, sooner rather than later. S&P has told the European Union's central bank it has 2 days to get the mess cleaned up or it downgrades them. Once a downgrade hits the ECB, watch how fast the house of cards tumbles.
  3. ghrit

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    Yeah, interesting fit at that. Gotta wonder at the audacity of ahmadipshi*t if he does try closing the Straights, then wonder how long it will take for the blue helmets or NATO to move his artillery out of range and make a mess of his airstrips. (At our expense, of course, and all in the name of maintaining the status quo of world trade.)
  4. Falcon15

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    Hu Jin has ordered China's navy to readiness status, methinks they are headed for the Mediterranean area...to protect "their interests".
  5. VisuTrac

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    ooo, this ought to get real interesting.
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  6. beast

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    where did i put that rabbithole at?
    time to climb in it i think
  7. ghrit

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    Hu is simply rattling a dull saber at the SEA countries, letting them know that the South China Sea is (or will be) China's playground, and eventually will be powerful enough to set the playground rules. China is NOT there yet, but loves pot stirring. Much face involved. What you will see is that the SEA countries that are part of the SEA mutual defense community upping the anti by building up their collective strengths. Not much is going to happen in Asia at least until after the mess in the middle east settles down a bit.

    China's economy is suffering along with the rest of the world, and internal friction has been and continues to derail the Central Committee's long term plans. Money is already tight, and some programs are being ceded to the private sector which is as corrupt as the Central Party always was. And, those private operations are headed by former party big wigs. It isn't a laughing matter, but it isn't yet significant.

    The average Chinaman is unhappy, and it shows. The gap between the rich and poor is getting bigger.
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  8. Gunny Highway

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    Yeah but in China that poor Chinaman - has no guns.....so no power to effect change.
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    Ghrit, both Russian and Chinese forces are poised to move into the Middle Easter region. They are not gearing up for operations in Asia, they are gearing up to "protect their interests" in Iran. SEA is not a factor at the moment, according to both Chinese President Hu, and General Zhang Zhaozhong, they have made it abundantly clear that they are willing to be aggressors in order to protect their interests in Iran.

    In support of that stance is a Russian Ministry of Defense bulletin issued to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev yesterday that stated that President Hu has “agreed in principal” that the only way to stop the West’s aggression led by the United States is through “direct and immediate military action".
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    Wonder if this is the begginning of the Gog Magog war?
  11. Falcon15

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    Sounds like the Kings of the East to me.
  12. BTPost

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    and if I were a Monkey that lived anywhere near DC, New York, or LA, I would be looking for a BOL outside the Blast, and Fallout Zones, for those places, and get my Preps there, and well stashed..... Of course I would also be ACTIVELY Encouraging ALL the Liberals, and Rino's, of all strips to relocate to those places, ASAP, so they could be near their PowerBase..... Vaporized in one feel swoope, Yea, Baby... Poof, they are GONE.... (Evil smile on my Face)
  13. Falcon15

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  14. larryinalabama

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    bt u funny
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    I wish I didn't know as much as I do about what could happen.Falcon is so close to what the chinks will do it's scary. I say we do what BT said !!!
    Jim Rogers moved his whole family to east ,he didn't do to sight see !!
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