John McAfee Infects 200+ Belize Gov computers...exposes stuff

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    CIA puppet? Maybe but Holy cow...doinitrite.

    Hmm...why can't I post that vid with a time stamp start?
    Skip to 48:38 for the interview.

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    holy crap, now that's a rabbit hole if I ever saw one...
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    rabbit hole that a ferret just ran down and Mcafee waiting at the other hole with a glove...

    • After Belize police raided Mr. McAfee’s home in April, he purchased 75 cheap laptops, loaded them with keystroke monitoring software, and gifted them to various Belize officials.
    • He hired 23 women and 6 men as operatives, and sicced them on Belize’s two national phone companies. “These men and women were given simple training on how to access and load software on someone’s computer while they slept, or ate, or made long phone calls etc. It’s dead simple if you’re sleeping with someone …”
    • “Eight of the women became so accomplished that they ended up living with me.”
    • Throughout the operation, he emailed the Belize prime minister Dean Barrow, asking for an apology for the police raid. “A simple apology, in the early stages at least, would have stopped this whole affair.”
    • With no apology forthcoming, Mr. McAfee says he dug into Belize’s National Security and Immigration ministries, which he alleges were knee-deep in a human-trafficking schema.
    • A surprising number of the new arrivals to Belize, Mr. McAfee says, were Lebanese men.
    • It should be noted here that for our man behind the curtain, it’s a thin line between spymaster and pimp. A phone call with an operative posted to Mr. McAfee’s site begins with, “How is my favorite tart today?” and ends at, “Why don’t you come home, because I miss your ass anyway.” (The recording is appended to the bottom of this post.)
    • Frankly, after listening to that, we got a little distracted from the allegation that started all this. “Belize is clearly the central player in a larger network whose goal is to infiltrate the U.S. with individuals having links to terrorist organizations,” claims Mr. McAfee.
    • The scheme involves the Zeta drug cartel, which, ominously, may be helping Hezbollah transport “something similar, in weight and size,” to the drug packages the cartel slips into the U.S.
    • Luckily for us, Mr. McAfee managed to infiltrate a Hezbollah camp.
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    “Eight of the women became so accomplished that they ended up living with me.”

    Accomplished at what is the question...

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    Not wise to kill a mans dog....
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