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    "If I was in a position of power and authority..."

    Actually, we ARE in such position as the People. Unfortunately, far too many want to play along to get along and buy into the propaganda. The "Government" is NOT in any position of authority over us, by default (it's called the Constitution) we have chained government down to operate exclusively within the boundaries of the Constitution. And again, unless WE HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE, they will usurp the limited power they have been given to operate. The DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY of our nation is as follows: The PEOPLE > the respective State > the Federal Government. The issuance of authority and delegation of power DOES NOT originate at the level of government, EVER.

    Far too many people have been led to believe a suit and tie and position in public office equals POWER.
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    First reaction was that McCain's answer was so disrespectful, he swiped at the guy. Instead of answering the man, he reply if you think you can do it better then try it. McCain gave us his resume but not a valid reason for his actions. I noticed that the crowd at the town hall was basically older, I have a feeling that these are the people that have happily voted for McCain each and every time. I just hope that this man's words will get those people thinking and reading.
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    Looks like to me, Mr. McCain was a little nervous and really didn't know what to say to the man. In the next week or so we will see where the man reading the letter was arrested for plotting a worldwide take over and is really super villain domestic terrorist that has been under investigations for the past five years. That lives in a bunker with thousands of rounds of ammo, multiple assault rifles and his dog named freedom.
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    @Alpha Dog "and his dog named freedom." biglaff

    you are probably 100% correct, this guy will be receiving a visit.
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    From the IRS, isn't that how they caught Al Capone? tax evasion? ;)
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