John Ross, Unintended Consequences is his first novel.

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by john316, Aug 2, 2016.

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    Currently reading this on my Kindle..a few pages at a time before bedtime. I'll probably finish it by the end of the year. Ladies, this is a good read. Different from romantic suspense or drama but still worth reading. Some of it I don't understand when referring to military verbiage but I'm hanging in there. Going to get this one done, eventually.
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    Has been a discussion here for some time.. I have read it a couple times as has my son's and the wife.. Got my copy when it was first released and the book shops tried to hide it so people would not be able to find it.. Seemed contrary to securing a profit for ones business. It is a damn good read..
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    By the way, @kitty if you have questions regarding terms used in the book or on the forum, there is a healthy population of former military on here that would clarify any questions you may have. Please ask them...
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    It's a great and relevant book.
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    I read it 20 years ago. Still have the hardback copy signed and dated by the author. I don't read much, but couldn't put this one down.
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    It's an amazing book! I recently read it, about a month ago, after someone here recommended it. It's historically accurate and Ross makes his case very plainly with facts woven into a darn good story. He connects all the dots, from the Bonus Army to the 1934 Firearms Act to the 1968 one and into the present. He uses history like a club to beat the reader's simpleton beliefs out of him/her and replace them with facts, anger and concern for our future. In truth, this book is a pivot point for those of us that see clearly now what our own government has done in the past and what it intends to do. And, lastly, it is a book that truly gives us hope and makes us remember that no matter how slanted the odds are in favor of a twisted government that is no longer 'of the people, by the people, for the people' it can be dealt with by 'we the people.'

    I do not even want to speculate why it is no longer in print even in a Kindle format. This does worry me.
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    It was a good book and one that people should read but it was not one of my favorites. It is a good gun culture novel.
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    @Motomom34 "It is a good gun culture novel."
    No. In this, I think you are wrong. This was not only about the so called 'gun culture'; it was much, much more. It is about our American culture and the overreach of government that was never suppose to be what it is now. And, those within our government that use their elected position not to serve to administer but to gain more power and more control leaving the people less and less. And, yes, a small but important part of our culture is the 'gun culture' for it provided the means to obtain the birth of this nation and then to ensure it remained free. It ensure that the nation could progress into wild lands and wild people, to grow. And, until recently, it ensured that our own government would not assume the mantle of oppression. And, I will bet it will be the same gun culture, in the near future, that stands between a totalitarian government and the people of this country to protect them.

    But, the point I am trying to make (and not doing very well) is one could almost write this book about any topic and come up with the same result - government overreach! For example, Education. Or, Taxation? Or, EPA? A thousand things! We have allowed them the power to vote into law anything and everything they want to make legal and therefore enforcing it with the entire might of the Federal government against us, our government, whether we like it or not and approve of it or not or even if is against religious or personal beliefs.

    No, I think this book was much more than a book about the 'gun culture'... And overall, I consider it to be a warning backed up by a presentation of historical facts of what has happened and how it happened and, what could happened...but, the end has not been written yet and for that he gave us hope.

    Anyway, as you can see I feel very strongly about this mainly because it made me go against some of my old, misguided beliefs.
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    I have read and re-read the book a number of times and it continues to ring true. I also think we're pretty much arrived at that same point.
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    Didn't mean to get you riled, you do get feisty! :)

    Like I said, it is a good book that people should read but if a person, on that opposes guns, read this book, would they see the over reach or would they see the guns? it is a great 2A book, it does give a good portrayal of government overreach but is it appealing to those that are willing bargain with 2A?
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    L. Neil Smith writes some good stuff too...
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    The anti-freedom/control others/low self esteem types always see what they want to see, not what is. If they want to push others around, have the last word and always "be right" when they are obviously wrong, they will see what they want to see, even if they have to invent it. The Bible said that "Good will be called bad" and their low self esteem, always have to be right and knee jerk reaction will always be to attack their betters, then that is what they will see, no matter what it is.
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    How's that phrase go... beware of stupid people in large numbers?
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    Just heard about this the other day. Found it in PDF format or a very expensive hard cover on Amazon. I got the PDF and it's a wonderful story. Very well written using history as a teaching medium. I can understand why Progressives don't like it but it should get a re-print. Not a short book by any means but well worth the read.
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    my second favorite book. I also once owned a Lahti, fired 4 of the five rounds I got for it and sold it. Lot of real world info in the book.
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