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    Have any of you seen this?

    A friend of mine gave me the web site yesterday and I have been reading it

    I was not so much interested in the time travel portion of it as the predictions part of it and I can see some of what he has said as being true and some as being off on dates but could still happen.

    for instance the part about civil war breaking out in 2005, well didn't exactly happen, but we are seeing more & more liberties going down the toilet and as he says it just depends on how much you're willing to give up for the sake of security.

    He mentions home searches and people being arrested and taken away without benefit of legal help.

    One thing I thought was interesting was that when asked about having a place in the country with everything one would need he said "Be mobile. Set aside things you would need and could carry on your back. You will not be able to stay anywhere indefinitely, even with provisions & firearms."

    He also said having firearms would make them search you.

    Anyway, any thoughts on this?
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    I read the Titor story a couple yrs ago. Does make you think now that more has come to pass... interesting CG
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    That is very true
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    While there is a LOT to be said for being prepaired to bug out as a last resort I have to say that IMO if you have a place that is well supplied and, just as importantly if not more so, wet up to resuply yourself (ie livestock, gardens, orchards, and so on) andhas been set up to be at least reasonably defensable then unless you have been able to set up other locations that are as good or better I would see BO as a definate LAST resort for anything other than a localized situation. If you become 'mobile' then unlesss you have a place to go to then all you are going to be doing is fighting others who are 'mobile' over public lands or squatting on those who are dug in, both mean you are going to be at a lot higher risk. In many nomadic cultures the word for stranger and the word for enimy are the same and thats would be likely to become the case in a SHTF situation, so if you are 'mobile' it is just another word for being a refugee and you are not likely to find a friendly welcome anywhere. In addition there is the fact that it is near impossible to raise crops or livestock or make much in the way of trade goods on the move and so this means you would be fully dependent on what you could carry, kill or take. I just see way to many problems with trying to be on the move in those kind of times that could be minimized if not fully avoided by being stationary. That said if the only place you have is in an urban area where crops and livestock is pretty much not a real option and you have a heavy population of desperate people looking for anything they can take to survive then to get out of that area would be pretty well a forced thing but you would really need to either have land in a rural area that you already owned or have friends or family in rural areas to head to since everyone and their cousin leaving the city wil be headed for any available public land, not to mention that a lot of the locals around that land may not be happy to have new neighbors on land they planned to use themselves, so IMHO thinking that that would be a viable option is a bit unrealistic.
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