Gear Review Journey 160 Flashlight/Charger by Hybrid Solar

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Motomom34, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Motomom34

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    I bought a Journey 160 Hybrid Solar LED Flashlight & Charger at the Self Reliance Expo. I love it. So far it has not let me down or made me question my purchase; though I do wish I had purchased 2 or 3 more. It is light weight and the light beam is crisp. I have dropped it a few times and it still works like a champ. The Hybrid Solar LED flash light boasts:

    USB Port for Charging Mobile Devices:
    160 lumens high, 80 lumens low super bright LED
    Water proof & floats
    Extremely durable
    Stored for 7 years/retains 90% of original power
    6" long, 4.5 oz

    Solar Power with Battery Backup:
    12 hours on low beam, 6 hours on high beam
    16-20 hours to fully charge via Solar
    Recharges with any light source
    2 hrs to fully charge via micro USB

    The site linked below is the parent site for the product. It says they are $35 but I think I got mine for under $30. I am really hoping that this flashlight is still performing in top condition after a year or two. The Journey 160 Flashlight/Charger | Hybridlight

    I bought the black model of this flash light but will be getting a yellow one also. This flash light does float but only the top part does so if you do plan on getting this light and using it near water, it may be better to get the yellow because it will be easier to spot if you drop it in water.
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    Might have to check into that. I like things that are solar powered.
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    nice one! I have 99 cent flashlights, the red one is in my purse and cars, you just click the side and it winds up something and 'lo' yeah have light'

    the pink one (every female needs something in pink!) is a wind up I have had for about 8 years and it has multiple light functions. I think I have one of these in a car as well but this one stays by the bed.

    I love these cheap flashlights with no batteries required!
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  4. Motomom34

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    I need more good cheap flash lights. Mine seem to wander off so I am always looking for the name/brands of good cheap flash lights.
  5. Altoidfishfins

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    Harbor Freight often gives them away.
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