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    I recently became aware of my need to prep after entering the real world after college. I assumed a degree would garantee me a job..... After two years of sitting at a desk, building a new house, buying new cars, having our first child, and digging ourselves into debt. I was layed off! I realized in just an afternoon that I cant rely on anyone to provide for my family, and that I was only capable as long as I had a job. My only skill I have is sitting at a desk as an engineer. Luckily I was hired by another company very quickly and only collected 7 days unemployment. But, that situation changed my life. Shortly after this, I read Patriots and realized I needed a plan for my family. And, that I desperatley needed to learn some skills! So here I am. I'm not going to lie, if your going to be ignorant, having a background in engineering is a huge benefit. I've already begun some major projects and thought they might be interesting to follow.
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  2. Sapper John

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    Vetter, welcome to the Monkey Tree,you have come to the right place.
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    Im a huge car guy! But if youve only got one car, a 400hp pro touring vette is not practical as a survival rig! So I sold my vette and bought a 94 blazer. It had 233k miles on it so I immediately began restoring it. I picked this truck mainly bc my father has a 90 silverado sitting behind his house that runs great and all the parts interchange.
    Ive already replaced the engine as well as all the accesories.
    I've also replaced tires with BFG ATs
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    Nice ride V...
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    So...Behind the engine..Is that a old chevy stepside?
  6. ghrit

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    Not a stepside, dunno if it's a chevy.
  7. Vetter

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    Another big change we've made was selling our overpriced house and are now living in one of my parents rent houses. $1300 less per month but unfortunetly, I no longer have a shop. A budy that let me borrow his shop to do the engine swap, and thats his truck in the back ground, a 1958 ford fleetside I believe. Ive also got a 64 ford pickup, a 22 willys touring car, and an 83 Ironhead harley. Cant sell all my toys! ;)
    I reakon Im a decent mechanic which could be considered a valuable survival skill.
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    Thanks...One day post a few pictures of the toy's...Sounds like your a gearhead...ccc
    Which is a good thing....
  9. STANGF150

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    Welcome Vett. Even as a chairbound Engineer you might can find simpler solutions to building things than the normal way.

    P.S. I'd like to put my request in fer pics of the two Ford Trucks please :D
  10. Vetter

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    Im trying to stay out of the office as much as I can. I find that I learn alot more that way. I've even picked up some skills in the machine shop. Which have come in handy when I recently began restoring a 1890s era LC Smith 12 gauge that was handed down to me. Id like to develop skills as a gun smith, so if anyone has suggestions for tools..........
    The 64 ford was given to me by a lady from church. I havent begun to work on it, so I dont have any pics right now...... The 22 willys was bought new by my great grandfather who turned it into a saw mill. Im going to build it back into a roadster pickup.
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    My first gun buy was a gen II Glock 19. I bought it from a friend whos dad has an FFL. It supposedly was his personal carry gun......
    I have 2 1890 era 12 gauge shotguns. A LC Smith hammer gun and a "New London Arms". The LC's firing pins were both broken and my dad "repaired" the New london 30 years ago. Neither function.
    I suggested to the senior engineer that Id like to learn to be a machinist. He suggested I machine a ballpeen hammer. Since I've already got several of those and I dont have any firing pins for the LC........
    I tried them out sat and it fired perfectly. Cant wait to buy more guns!!!
  12. Vetter

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    Since Im off this week, im also working on putting together my first BOB as well as building a generator out of some spare car parts and a bike. I am, or was....... an avid cyclist
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    Watch your ammo in those old shotgun low base only.
  14. mysterymet

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    Yeah seriously some of those old shot guns can be dangerous. Where in arkansas are you? I own 20 acres down in Lafayette county although I don't live in that state anymore. I was using it for hunting and when I moved I just kept it. What kind of engineer are you? You'll find there are quite a few engineers and other technical people on here.
  15. chelloveck

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    There are several monkeys here that dabble in gunsmithing

    There are several monkeys here that dabble in gunsmithing and of course there is a world of information on the subject on the www. Here is a link that you may find intere
    sting if not usueful.....

    Download: Advanced Gunsmithing Book (PDF) |

    The .pdf download is some 40mb....but worth the bandwidth I think.

    By the way Vetta.....welcome to the site.
  16. Vetter

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    From what I've read, New London fluid steel barrels are safe with any modern shells. But, my plan is to restore them both and use them to shoot trap with my brother. Short brass only!
    We live in Sheridan. But my family has 200 acres in Gurdon
  17. Gator 45/70

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    Hahaha...Short brass...
    We call that T'Quid or Low brass just a few hundred miles south of you...
  18. Vetter

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    Bicycle Generator

    Why? What else am I gonna do while Im off for Christmas?
    I read a post the other day in reference to the "Gilligan Island Genny" that claimed "even world class athletes can only make 150 watts for an hour". Well thats all the challenge I need....... I just know I can sustain 400-500!! I used to ride 35 miles/day minimum!!! lol
    Things I learned
    1. In my current condition, I was only able to maintain around 85 watts. Granted, I havent been in the saddle in over a year so I still believe I could blow 150 away in peak condition. My brother is a cat III cyclist so Im going to leave it setup until he comes back into town.
    2. I assumed having gear selection would give me a big advantage over those who tried this with stationary bikes. But since I stayed in my lowest gear......... At least it looks cooler than a stationary
    3. Let me just say, this is by no means a cheap way to make power! The bike alone cost twice what my truck did.
    4. Man Im hungry now!
    5. Better horde some gas too!
    Yes, those parts are sitting on top of a 5k watt gas powered generator..... lol
    When I replaced the engine/accesories in my truck, i kept all old parts for spares. I used the alternator from the 94 blazer, an Ascent trainer, and a Cervelo P2 triathlon bike. I removed the Eddy Current Brake and mounted the alternator onto a piece of scrap metal we had laying around. everything magically lined up perfect. I also had a alternator from an old mustang I used to have, that had an the perfect pulley, but was externaly regulated. If I ever intended on using this setup seriously, I would swap pulleys. As you can see, I removed tire from an old bike wheel. Turned out to be perfect for that belt.
  19. BTPost

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    I think you will find that 150 Watts for more than a couple of hours will tax you OR your Brother, right to your limits. There have been MANY Engineers, and Tinker'ers over the years that have thought like you, and later have had to admit just what the limit really is. Lots of Data already around, confirms these figures. Some of the best comes from the Condor, and Albatross, Human Powered Flight folks, who had to teach a World Class Biker to fly their Bird, just to make it fly a few hundred yards. Even the old WWII Gibson Girl, Hand Cranked Rescue Transmitters were just under 5 Watts output, and could Tax the strength of most men, during extended operations. ..... YMMV...
  20. Vetter

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    I wouldn't have disagreed at all, until you mentioned Alberto...... Data aside, I know Leipheimer could pump out twice the wattage as contador!! I just know it. ;-)
    No doubt its not worth the effort!
    I bet I eat twice as much tonight!!!
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