Judge Orders Tax Payer Funded Sex Change For Convicted Killer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RouteClearance, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Maybe we'll get lucky and it will be hit with MRSA and croak.
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    HAHAHAHAhahahaha --Taxachusetts. [hrt]

    No surprise.
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    The really sad part is it don't surprise me.:censored:
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    Tac,Tac,Tac....................Go count ammo or other preps and let your mind rest! Dwelling on that will lead to drinking...........never mind,carry on.
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    well, erm, I've got some castration bands if they need for turning bulls into steers if that'll help.

    I'm sorry, you are incarcerated. If you want to do this AFTER you have served your sentence, AND your future insurance provider will cover it then, fine.

    On the tax payers dime? Sorry, you are not currently a productive member of society. Wait a bit. If you are doing life? Wait until you are reincarnated, maybe you'll be luckier next time.
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    A lot of censored and deleted posts in this thread. I assume it is a titillating discussion of a particularly prickly subject matter. :sneaky:
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    This judge should be forced to step down and his ruling over turned. Absolutely ridiculous.

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    We are well down that same sorry road that the people of Soddom &Gommorah trod those many centuries ago......
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    The prison system for the most part is an out of control joke. Oversight is nonexistant. The quakers had it right as does Sheriff Joe. It is punishment! Stupid !!! Catering to these people is not the answer, nor is it right. They did not give a rats butt about other peoples rights when they did the things that got them thrown in a cage. The guards and the Warden should have control not the inmates. Drugs should be nonexistant. Those with contagious disease (hiv positive / aids) should be completely segregated from general population. No Privacy should be the norm. Cameras and digital recording devices should be everywhere inside and on prison grounds. Rape, drug violations, assault, and murder on prison grounds should be swiftly dealt with. Prisoners should be relatively safe from one another. Gangs within the walls should be eliminated. I could go on and on. The present system totally stinks. We all should be ashamed that our prisons are such cesspools and that the USA is number one in the world for incarceration numbers. The war on drugs also is a world wide joke.
    Catering to the wants and demands of an incarcerated transgender person is insane and laughable in a very sad way indeed. Trying to unravel how we got to this point at this time is way to late if not totally impossible. We all know this situation is wrong on so many levels. The only sane thing to think and say is, "HELL NO, not while you are behind bars."
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    Agree. To me, it is odd that even in the years between now and 1776, we don't know what rights we retain and what rights we lose when incarcerated. That seems largely how cases like this come up, refinements and hair splitting.
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    Federal Judges are appointed for LIFE, so the only way to get one leave Office, is to Impeach him, in the Senate, for violation of his Oath of Office. Very hard thing to do. Oh yea, There is one other way to remove him from Office..... I am NOT going there.... .....
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    Rope ?
  16. tacmotusn

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    Me, I ain't touching none of that, other than to say we all have a day of atonement coming. Some sooner than others for various reasons.
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    LPDD Soon to be amerika's greatest holiday! Trees just don't say like a lamp post will...

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