Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey

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    Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation 5 part series being broadcast presently on ABC TV.

    Episode 1 titled "Genesis" was broadcast Wed last week, and is viewable from the ABC website for about 14 days from day of its first broadcast.

    ABC iview

    The program runs for 37.5 minutes and is a 136MB viewing download (can't be saved to computer as far as I can tell...but if you have worked out how to do so...please let me know....would love to have it on my computer to remind me why I am a humanist ; )

    The program contains some coarse language, sex references, drug references, adult themes...and frequent blasphemy!

    Here is a youtube video of the program's teaser promo.

    ‪Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey | Premieres Wednesday, 27 July at 9.30pm on ABC1‬‏ - YouTube

    Watching the program may not get you to heaven...paradise, nirvana...or what have you...but it WILL send you to your maker quicker with a overstressed funny bone...or conniptions from seeing gods and god botherers so misused! : O
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