Juneau, AK 223 Rally

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    Photos: .223 Day of Resistance rally

    Posted: February 23, 2013 - 9:48pm | Updated: February 24, 2013 - 12:13am
    Michael Penn / Juneau EmpireThom Buzard, right, organizer of the Juneau .223 Day of Resistance, speaks at the Capitol Saturday before leading a walk to the Federal BuildingGun rights advocates listen to Thom Buzard speak from the Capitol steps during the .223 Day of Resistance Rally on Saturday. About 60 people attended.

    Photos: .223 Day of Resistance rally | Juneau Empire - Alaska's Capital City Online Newspaper
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    My comment back, to a couple of comments, posted below the above Newspaper Article, which was on the Front Page.....

    Someone above asked "Why do you need and AR-15?" Well let me tell you, EXACTLY why I choose to own an AR-10 in .308 Winchester with a 24" Barrel. " A for real 1000Yd Weapon. When the AML Barges quit delivering food to Juneau, just how long to do you think it will take, the Junaue'tics to come looking for food, out here in the bush? How much Fighting, and Killing, do you think will be happening in town, over the last scraps, on SuperBears shelves? There are NO roads that connect ME to you, so you will be coming by Boat or Plane, and I am going to persuade you that there are easier Pick'ens, elsewhere, and do it before you even get a chance to land, on water or Land. I have My Food, and Supplies, and I am not sharing them with YOU or ANYONE else, just because you were like the Foolish Grasshopper, and didn't see the problems coming. Oh Yea, that AR-10 works really good on Moose, as well.....

    Another person asked "When has the regular citizen had to take up arms to protect your rights lately?" Well Sonny, every time a citizen, protects themselves with a Weapon, from intrusion into his HOME, by an Armed BadGuy, he is protecting YOU, from that same BadGuy, who if he gets away with his Crime, just goes on, to do it AGAIN. These incidents happen, multiple times a Day, in the USA, and are reported in MANY local News Reports. Just because you do NOT see the Reports, Doesn't mean they do NOT Happen. They don't happen very Often, here in Alaska, because the BadGuys KNOW, that Alaska is the MOST Armed State, per Population, in the USA, and they do NOT want to be challenged by an Alaskan, DEFENDING his Family, His Liberty, and his Goods, against some Druggie looking to Score. If you feel threatened, by that Knowledge, then Kommiefornia, and New York State, are calling you... "Don't let the Door, hit you in the A**, on your way out of town"
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    Seems some Washintonians like to Rally for Gun Rights, as well...... Oh and a Bleeding Heart Preacher.... has his say, as well.....

    Dozens rally for gun rights in Kirkland
    Posted by Mike Lindblom

    Dozens of people, some openly carrying their rifles and pistols, demonstrated in favor of gun rights along Central Avenue on Saturday.
    It was organized by Kirkland resident Jacob Kukuk, 23, calling his supporters the 2ndEnforcers. “It is a right you have. An unused right will disappear,” he said. He said he opposes regulations proposed by President Obama and a short-lived legislative proposal in Washington state to allow police inspections of gun owners’ homes. Kukuk said he supports allowing school staff to carry concealed weapons.
    A few counter-protesters showed up, including Rev. Marian Stewart of the Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church, who carried a sign saying, “One child killed every three hours.” Stewart said, “I can’t sit there and watch everybody crying over Sandy Hook, and sit there and do nothing.”

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