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  1. i have been looking for some time now on the web and other places. and it seems the junk guns as i know them are a thing of the past. you could go to the gun show and pick them up all day long for nothing and have some thing to get parts from. now i cant find any thing out there to build from.
    any one know of were to get these parts still. i try to find the ones that have been rusted up or broke guns that need smithing. it gives me great pride in making them work again if possible. or does any one have stuff like this.
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    Most "Junk" guns have been turned in to Police Departments and other "Anti-gun" organizations for cash and tennis shoes in these stupid "Gun Buy-back" programs, where they are melted down into some sort of token peace symbol.
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    I've seen starter pieces at gun shows, but it's luck of the draw, plus a lifetime of effort prowling around looking for enough parts to finish a project. You won't find many smiths that are going to sit and write up inventories of what they already think is not worth the effort to fix or sell separately.
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    we have a few gun stores with a barrel of junk long guns.... various prices not all there or project guns for the gun smithing classes....

    havent seen any aty gun shows in a while...
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    Try gunbroker - you should be able to find everything from junk guns to decent guns that have become a rusted pile of junk after years of neglect.
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    I see them in pawn shops.
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    they have it

    Numrich Gun Parts has a catalog like a Los Angeles phone book. For a starter or a work firearm try a Mosin-Nagant. It is 30 Cal. and my hex was $115.
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    +1 for pawn shops

    There is a lot of overpriced junk out there, but I picked up a Savage Sporter Model 40 with a Weaver V-10 scope for $100 at a pawn shop this winter. The scope is worth twice that new. I may clean it up and keep it as a loaner or whatever. May turn it into a 35 Whelen. Haven't decided. Put the scope on another rifle.
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    Big city gun stores, pawn shops, and antique (estate sale) places usually still have trash cans full of broken rifles and shotguns. Get the word out that you are interested in real beaters to practice on and they may save you a few.

  10. that's what i was looking for beaters and every thing in that category. thanks guys. i got a Remington 514 .22 cal that is in great shape now after tearing it down and rebuilding it and now i am making a stock for it. its got perfect riffling in it. and all it need was a little love and a 7 dollar trigger ass. from gun broker.

    i found a dealer that has a friend of mine working there. so i got my foot in with geting things before they hit the counter. and can get the surplus guns at there colst they got tarus .38 overseas police guns for 138 bucks and in good shape going to older a few and see what comes out with it. i can always keep a spare sealed up in vac bag and ammio that that rain day.
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    A very nice find indeed!

    Enjoy: The Savage Model 45 Super Sporter | A Tale of Two Thirties
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