Jury acquits Walla Walla man who pointed gun at detective

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    WALLA WALLA — A man has been acquitted of assaulting a Walla Walla police detective by pointing a loaded semiautomatic pistol at him last year.

    #At a trial last week, a Walla Walla County Superior Court jury found Matthew R. Hope not guilty of the crime of first-degree assault and an alternative, lesser charge of second-degree assault.

    #The jury Thursday found that Hope used lawful force in the belief he was defending his property.

    #Officials said Hope, 39, pointed the gun at Detective Kevin Bayne during an encounter about 8:45 p.m. on June 6, 2012, outside Hope’s residence at 218 Donald St.

    #Bayne and Detective Saul Reyna were in the area to take a different person into custody for an unrelated offense. After that occurred, Hope stood in the yard “in a shooting stance with a handgun pointed directly at (Bayne’s) head,” according to a police report filed in court.

    #Bayne, who was wearing a jacket with the word “POLICE” on the back — reportedly identified himself three times as an officer and told Hope to drop the gun.

    #But it wasn’t until Reyna — who came out of a nearby garage — pointed his gun at Hope that Hope dropped the magazine from the gun, ejected the round from the chamber and put the weapon on the ground, according to officials.

    #Hope and his attorney, William McCool, maintained in court documents Hope didn’t intend to hurt Bayne or anyone else, but just wanted to scare away people he thought were trespassing in his yard.

    #Hope claimed he dropped his weapon when he became convinced they were police officers.

    #By the jury determining Hope’s use of force was lawful, he has the right to be reimbursed by the state of Washington for reasonable expenses involved in his defense. An amount apparently hasn’t yet been established.

    #He had not been in custody pending the outcome of his case.
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    Nice to see the Jury system work.
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    and put these Yahoo Cops on Notice, that when they are dealing with a Resident, ON HIS OWN PROPERTY, different Rules APPLY, to any interaction, between the LEOs and the Resident. This is Washington State LAW, and they should have never even arrested the guy in the First Place. If it was "ME" I would be suing for False Arrest, in a Civil Claim against the Officers, PERSONALLY, and the City, and Police Department. ...... YMMV....
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    Slaves don't own property.
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    Walla Walla, Washington... Doesn't saying that out loud just make you smile? :)
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    So this vacuum cleaner salesman is going door to door in WVa hills, and stomps up on the porch of a run down shack. He raps on the door, and this well worn woman answers it, them politely invites him in. He starts extolling the virtues of the vacuum he carries in, she listens politely but can't get a word in edgewise, not for lack of trying. He wraps up his spiel by dumping a bag of various crud on her floor and allows as how if the vac doesn't pick it all up, he'll get down on the floor and eat it up. She turns and walks toward the kitchen, and he says. "Hey, lady, don't you want to see this? What are you doing?" She says, "Which do you want, salt or pepper, or both?" He says, "Why, what do you mean?" She says, "We don't have electricity here."
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    Good to see a jury that gets it!
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    don't be fooled by those "POLICE" "SWAT" "SHERIFF" coats & hats ..... anybody can buy em and they do ..... plenty of people have paid the price for being fooled ..... along with the BS clothes are all the official looking badges and patches ..... if someone is on your property without permission - they are trespassing - period

    judged by 12 and not buried by 6 still stands today
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    ~giggle~ I was thinking of that exact cartoon! Nice one, Q! :D

    :lol: @ g's joke.

    Good warning, IW - you're right about "fake" authorities.
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