Jury awards former Vancouver police officer $9 million

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    Jury awards former Vancouver police officer $9 million
    Posted: Feb 03, 2014 7:22 PM PSTUpdated: Feb 04, 2014 6:44 AM PST
    By Kimberly Eiten - email

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    He went from Vancouver police officer to prisoner and now to millionaire.

    In 2009, a court ruled Ray Spencer was innocent of the crime that put him behind bars for nearly 20 years. On Monday afternoon, it awarded him with $9 million.

    "There's no amount of money you could have given me to compensate for losing my children for all those years," Spencer said.

    He can't help looking back after a jury put a price tag on two decades of his pain and suffering as an innocent man behind bars.

    He was convicted in 1985 of molesting his own children. He didn't think he would survive the jail time.

    "The first day that I was being taken into reception, there was a guard that had a hold of my arm and he could see my arm shaking," Spencer said. "He said, ‘You'll be all right.' I said, ‘I was a cop.' He said, ‘You won't live six months.'"

    His children later helped free their father, claiming police coerced them into accusing him in the first place.

    "I remember being rewarded for things they wanted me to say," said his daughter, Katie Tetz, in a 2010 interview with FOX 12.

    Spencer said that wasn't the only hole in the case against him. He claims the detective in charge was having an affair with his wife and that medical exams were hidden.

    "I had to question my own sanity," he said.

    In 2009, a court agreed with him and overturned his convictions. Now, with the latest ruling, he wants to make up for lost time with his kids and grandchildren by setting up college funds. And, he plans to spend some of the money with his current wife.

    "She needs to never have to want for anything again," he said. "That's going to be my goal, is to give her anything she wants to make her happy."

    As for those who helped put him behind bars, Spencer wants them to face consequences as well. He said he hopes there will be a federal prosecutor appointed to look into corruption in his case.
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    The folks that "Cooked the Testimony", should be Jailed, and Serve the time he spent in Jail, Plus 20 years... My Opinion.... YMMV....
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    I agree with his assessment, 9million is not going to give him or his kids back those 20years.
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    Another cop's behaving badly ? And went after one of their own? Some people have no loyalty nor honor..
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    And that is why "some people just need killin'". The best possibly thing that could happen is for them to be removed from the gene pool. And I'm not saying that just because he was a bad cop. No, I feel that way about a lot of things.
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    Agreed! Hard to contain the P1ssed off some times..
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