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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by pearlselby, Nov 22, 2015.

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    JAW to the rescue! [touchdown]

    If it works and it's ain't stupid!
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    Thank you @Brokor!!! RIGHT!!!! Cute little dance.
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    The article links to another on Survival Mom- Dehydrated Dinners: 21 Tips for getting started - Survival Mom
    Much of the info comes from Thrive. Thrive is great. I have seen them at a few shows and they really do a great job showing how to use your foods and mix together for a meal. The Thrive booths usually have recipe cards, plus they have a whole recipe site.

    This is a great link Thrive Life - Recipes People often eat those nasty cup-of-noodles but you can actually make your own using your dehydrated foods.
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    Thank you, Motomom34 for the reply and link.
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    I know that pantry size cans of dehydrated food are expensive but I buy them to learn and see if I like the product. I actually got a bunch of pantry size cans on clearance at Thrive. I bought a bunch and learned the taco TVP is edible and that I like working with the veggies.
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    One of the beauties of Raman noodles. They last for years and you just add water. crappy food but better than starving.
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    Thrive Life has (freeze dried) roast beef!!!
  9. Kingfish

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    I am now pricing lots of different freeze dried foods. I need to add another year to our preps. Beans and rice , Raman, Rabbit and chicken eggs only go so far. Of course we are counting on the lake to provide lots of protein . Freeze dried carbs like noodles, stews etc will go a long way in stretching out what we have. I just found DAP hams for 3 bucks a can. still looking.
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    @Kingfish just cuz im nosey and if I'm being too nosey just let me know

    what spices do you stock for all that rice and beans?

    I know when you are hungry you don't need spices but I like to plan ahead. And I think at some point spices will be highly tradeable and valuable
  11. Kingfish

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    We have lots of bullion cubes and canned gravy . Also if you boil a rabbit or any other meat after browning it you get a nice broth. All of our Beans and rice is slotted for adding in a rabbit, goose, turtle, fish, venison, or some other meat source that we either raise or forage. I have said this many times. Living on a lake is living on a pantry. I could go outside right now and shoot a goose from shore, take the canoe out and get it. Bring it in and cook it then boil it and add in beans and rice for a hearty soup. I can ramp up my Rabbit production to over 100 rabbits in just a couple months. Another thing we found that is good for the Beans is Brown sugar and molasses , salt and pork chunks. Baked beans is pretty tasty and high in calories. I am not going to rest though until we have more diversity in long term preps. We have lots of dried Onions and Garlic bulk spices from Sams club and these things will all be used. We are still looking at a huge Cast Iron kettle dutch oven pot for the wood fire cooking of soups and stews. Have several smaller ones but want a mega pot for big meals.
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