Just Announced: Mountain House Discounts Not Seen in 5 Years ... up to 34%!

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by JC Refuge, Jul 7, 2012.

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    1. Mountain House just contacted us last night--they are offering a special discount for the rest of July on their canned freeze dried fruits and vegetables. That means we can offer you those products at a discount not seen in at least 5 years ... up to 34% off SRP! And of course, the rest of our MH can listings remain at the maximum-allowed 25%-off thru July 18. Shop the MH sale here.

    Lest you forget, that's not all ... our buyers club members also are being awarded $30 gift certificates for every 3 MH can cases in a transaction, via our Royalty Rewards program.

    And yes--everything ships free to the lower 48, as always.

    Reminder--effective August 1, MH is raising the SRP by 5% on many of their canned items, so now is the time to move on shoring up your food stores with the best emergency food money can buy.

    2. If you're not a buyers club member yet, you can now get a membership for free using our special offer.

    And if you are a member, you have a gift from us in the form of a $20 coupon code (one use per customer). Get those coupon codes here: http://safecastle.blogspot.com/2012/06/through-july-exercise-these-liberties.html

    3. New products in the store lately include some low-sodium Mountain House foods, the old-favorite MH 7-day kit (limited time availability), and a new premium MH 10-pack meal assortment in pouches. Shop all our new items here.

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    Some outstanding deals listed...and with the upcoming MH increases in the wings, now is the time to stock up, top off, or increase your reserves :)

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    OK...that's twice that "the server has not responded in time, please try again" has resulted in a double post.
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    Fair advice ... I have a great deal of past experience with big MH sales. One constant with all of them is that those who order in the earlier period of a sale get their shipments promptly. While those who wait till the end must be a bit more patient in getting their deliveries because of how backlogged the MH warehouse gets.

    FYI on this sale--I happen to know that several other dealers are running sales now as well and our own Safecastle sale looks to be on pace at this point to break all past sale records. Bottom line for you--don't wait. If you plan on taking advantage of these exceptional sale prices (not to mention pre-price hike)--then get it done and get your shipments in short order.
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    A bud just called and said the local "wally world" has a big new section of freeze dried foods. Do not know what brand it is or any particulars.
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