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    Just because the local police have their communications encrypted doesn't mean you can't listen.

    The repeater has been pretty much low level traffic for months.
    All of a sudden there is a lot of comms.

    It's what we should call chatter.

    Hmm, something is up.

    So go ahead local sheriff, encrypt away, I may not be able to know what you are sayin, but the quantity speaks volumes.

    Oh that and the local EMS and Hospitals are not encrypted, that kind of helps.
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    Wouldn't a triple trunking scanner fix that? I use a pro-528 handheld and I pick up plenty.
  3. Alpha Dog

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    We are getting ready to switch over to a digital system and I am going to hate it, I can't count the time the people of different communities have saved my butt. With phone calls to the 911 center or to my cell with directions to a location that I am trying to find, a vehicle I am looking for or even call to tell me to watch out the person is violent and could be dangerous. Working in a rural county and one Deputy on patrol we need all the help we can get. I can see where that some times people being able to hear us coming gives them a heads up we are coming but the good out ways the bad. Plus it lets the community know we are out working and not setting at the office playing video games.
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    Trunking, and Encryption are two different technologies..... As are Digital Modulation, and Encryption.... so, NO, Triple Trunking would NOT solve that issue. Digital Radios may also use Encryption, but not necessarily, and in many cases as Alfa Dog has noted above, there are some Serious Drawbacks, to Digital Modulation, and many departments have gone back to analog FM, and, or Trunked Systems, after running into those issues, and having Officers LIVES, hanging in the balance. If I were to advise a Department on Comm Gear, No contract would be signed with ANY Provider, without a One Year, Opt Out Clause, that IF the Provider, can't make the system 100% Reliable, they MUST Rip it out, and replace it, with what was there before, AT THEIR EXPENSE, AND RETURN ALL THE FUNDS, EXPENDED on failed system. New and Fancy doesn't necessarily mean BETTER, or EVEN AS GOOD. .....
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    I understand all this, Bruce. I was actually subtly trying to ask if we are both clear about a Sheriff actually encrypting transmissions, or whether it's just a trunking issue. It's a new course taught at universities, they call it "Interpersonal Communications", and it helps folks learn not to be too direct and abrupt. :p
  6. VisuTrac

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    Locally, it seems they are testing something different. Use to be able to hear calls to and from. Now, not so much. Sounds like lots of clicks, tones, what sounds like really short voice snippets all jumbled up and whistles off the repeater breaking squelch.

    So, something is transmitting, I can't listen to it with my simple gear but it's just the amount. It went crazy a couple of weeks ago when they busted a farm with a meth lab in the milking parlor.

    Hazmat, FD and hospital were not encrypted so .. connecting the dots was easier.

    If they were all encrypted or digital, I'd be outta luck.

    Probably going to have to upgrade at some point, but right now it's more for just seeing what is going on in the neighborhood.
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    Sounds like a typical University Political Correct Course that teaches students to say a whole bunch of BS that means absolutley NOTHING..... Oh for the days when folks, just said what they MEAN, and Mean what they say......
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  8. DKR

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    And go to jail, then to be 'trialed' by some unelected council or the other... Those days are long gone BT, long gone.

    The SoA went to their new Motorola system this last December, no more local comms to listen to. Troopers are encrypted full time, State wide. ALMR - everyone gov't is on it. Bases, Troopers, local A/P police, sewer workers - everyone.

    I guess their 'cost savings' outweighed the idea of avoiding all the eggs in one basket....

    I was lucky to score on one of the remaining GRE portable scanners - but the cost was eyewatering.

    Once all the business bands goes digital, I suspect the hams will be some of the last analog stuff around.
  9. techsar

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    And on a related note from the ARRL....

    ARLB015 Rules Change Sought to Permit Encryption of Sensitive
    Emergency Communications

    The FCC is inviting public comments on a proposal from a
    Massachusetts ham to amend the Part 97 Amateur Service rules to
    permit the encryption of certain amateur communications during
    emergency operations or related training exercises. On June 7 the
    FCC accepted for filing a Petition for Rulemaking (RM-11699) from
    Don Rolph, AB1PH, and put it on public notice. It will remain open
    for comment until July 8. The petition for rulemaking can be found
    online at http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/document/view?id=7022424684.

    Rolph, of E Walpole, petitioned the Commission in March to suggest
    an additional exception to Part 97.113, which currently prohibits
    "messages encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning."

    "As such, encryption cannot be effectively supported by the Amateur
    Service," Rolph told the FCC in his PRM, "and this restriction has
    impacted the relationship of Amateur Radio volunteers and served
    agencies and significantly limited the effectiveness of amateurs in
    supporting emergency communications." He pointed out that Part 97
    already relaxes its encryption prohibitions with respect to
    satellite control link communications and model craft radio control.

    Rolph cited rules already in place in Australia as a possible model
    for amending the rules in the US. The Australian Amateur Radio rules
    provide an exception for "intercommunications when participating in
    emergency services operations or related training exercises." He
    suggested modifying Part 97 "to capture the intent of the Australian
    regulations" to relieve what he called "this impediment of Amateur
    Radio support of emergency communications."

    In his petition Rolph suggested excepting "intercommunications when
    participating in emergency services operations or related training
    exercises which may involve information covered by HIPAA or other
    sensitive data, such as logistical information concerning medical
    supplies, personnel movement, other relief supplies or any other
    data designated by Federal authorities managing relief or training

    Commenters may use the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS)
    to comment on RM-11699 online at

    For those of us that deal with local, state and federal entities during emergency events, this will give us additional insight to ongoing developments...at least to a certain extent.
  10. BTPost

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    Yep, I saw that... We will see just how the Commission, deals with this RM Request....
  11. w9vhe

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    One of my local LE agencies uses the NXDN systems, so far there aren't any scanners that decode them. Just noise, so with some encryption methods you can't even tell if there is more traffic on the air or not.
  12. Oddmar

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    I'm still waiting for a certain Monkey to finish his eval on "Turn your computer into a Wideband Spectrum Anaylzer"...

    Just Sayin'
  13. BTPost

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    May be a while, yet before that project gets some time.... Momma has just come home after six months, and we have just a short time before we need to go back south for her Medical issues... May be next winter, or even longer... To early to tell....
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