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    All Time Rifle Champ- Adolph Toepperwein
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana][SIZE=+2]All Time Rifle Champ (An Excerpt)[/SIZE][/FONT]
    By Charles Askins, Jr.
    American Rifleman, June 1950
    ...A short time later-in 1894 to be exact-a long hungry six-foot Texan came drifting up out of Mexico. He had been down there with a circus for almost a year putting on rifle and pistol shooting exhibitions. Without fanfare or publicity the six-footer broke 955 out of 1,000 clay discs, 2 1/4 inches in diameter. This was in no way a record unless the mere fact that the shooting at clay discs constituted the establishment of a record. It is probably more worthy of note for the fact that this Texan went on to become the greatest shooter the world has ever known.
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    I dare say that he probably turned a few rifles into smooth bores in his day.
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    He was using a pair of model 63 Winchesters when he did the 70,000 wood blocks. I had to have one because of that. The 63, in my opinion, is the best .22 rifle ever made. Rossi is making an exact replica of them now, it doesn't have the rich feel of the 63 but is still a darn fine little rifle. My 63 and my Colt Woodsman are two guns that will always be with me.
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    If you read Unintended Consequences....most of this story and more is in there.
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