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  1. Ok here’s my first post introduction so forgive me if I am not too good at this. I just started my preparations for the possibility of a killer flu pandemic (I am an emergency room provider and will share my theories on this one later) and a resultant (or completely independent) collapse of the economy in this country and the social disturbance originated by such events. My wife is onboard with this and will start posting here soon doing her own research. We divided our efforts in two so that we could cover more ground has we are growing concerned that either or both scenarios could be hitting us as soon as this fall and we are on the clock :eek:)
    We divided our tasks this way – I research and prep for Medical and Defense (due to my background) and she researches food and other survival needs.
    So here I am with my first few questions to the forum (if I should not be creating a thread about this and rather should just add me questions to already existing threads please let me know and I will take your advice, like I said I am new at this so please don’t be mad)
    So, weapons:
    1-We currently have a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 (hers) and a Beretta 96 a1 40 S&W (mine). I think we need at least a backup handgun (cheaper?), a shotgun 12 g and semi-auto rifle right? Do you agree? Or why not?
    2- Blades, I have had some experience in the military with blade combat and am looking for a small sword, larger than a knife, stronger and with hand protection (my hand of course) and am having trouble understanding what is available that is combat ready or display toy. Does not need to too long (I’m not looking for a sword fight just a tool for close combat that can slice flesh and bone as well as wood etc. The “book of Eli” sword is a reference for I am looking for but with hand protection). Thanks.
    2-What would you recommend for a backup(s) handgun (Currently looking at Taurus Millennium 40 S&W)? Best and why? Worst and why not?
    3- What would you recommend for Shotgun (Currently looking at Mossberg 500 and Remington 870)? Best and why? Worst and why not?
    4- What would you recommend for Semi-Auto Rifle (Currently looking at Kel-Tec and Remington). Best and why? Worst and why not?
    I understand that everyone has different opinions and that’s fine I just want to see if there is an obvious consensus. You should know that regardless of our current brand name weapons I care more about reliability vs. price than name on the tag (of course we are on a budget) and I want to try and keep ammunition types as close as possible (40S&W) for stocking purposes. Thank you so much for your opinions.
    So, defense:
    1-What’s the truth (or myth) behind bullet proof window film? My house has a 4.5 foot tall brick cover that surrounds the house but I have many windows, which would benefit from some extra protection.
    2- I have 4 outside doors, front, back (French) garage and downstairs apartment. They are all very pretty but only protected by 1 lock each which I think can be easily kicked in. What’s the best way to protect these doors to keep the bad guys out but also easy to open in case we have to leave in a hurry. (Currently looking at a door stopper that screws onto the floor), any ideas?
    3-I have a room downstairs off the laundry room downstairs that is concrete all around but also needs a stronger door/lock. I am using it as our prep storage room right now but want to put some sleeping mats there so we (or kids, or all) can lock us in for protection. The ceiling to this room is the kitchen floor. How can I make this room safer (against gun fire etc)? I know too much to ask but I just need a few pointers to get started on this one :eek:)
    Ok, this is it, sorry for the long thread and the thousand questions that probably should be asked in individual topic threads but makes it easier for me (I think) to follow all your answers. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind even if you don’t agree with me. I’m not looking for your blessing just your ideas, just getting this thing started and need to brainstorm a lot of topics. I apologize for the badly organized (English speaking) thread, your will for sure enjoy my wife’s posts much better, her narrative English is impeccable.
    Again, thank you all so much for all you help, I guess we are all in this together and I really appreciate the opportunity to network ideas with all of you.
    Your brother in preparation,

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    I'd recommend you stay away from Kel-tec for the semi auto rifle.I have the sub2000 in Beretta configuration and it's been nothing but trouble.Ftf,fte,over and over again.The best it's done is 9 shots in a row.They have a serious QC problem.
  3. Thank you, good to know, considering the beretta config is what I would be looking for :(

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    As extra handgun in 40cal I recommend a glock, can't beat them for price/reliability imo. As for semi auto rifle I would go AR if you are comfortable building a rifle it can be done quite cost effectively. If not comfortable building one and on a budget get an AK. All of the above should have plenty of available ammo and extra parts securable in a post shtf scenario. As for window film I don't have any experience. I was able to find steel "decorative" security doors at a great price from a salvage yard. They open out and have a steel frame so kicking them in isn't an option. A chain and a truck would pull them down but I have no intentions of allowing unknowns within 300yds post shtf.
    Good luck with the preps and please do expand on your flu pandemic thoughts. Welcome to the Monkey!

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    The window films available to the general public are not bullet resistant. They simply help keep the glass from shattering. It might slow a criminal down. Another option is adding a layer of lexan to the exteriors of your windows. They are stronger than the film. Then maybe add some reinforced shutters for extreme situations. For your doors you should reinforce the jambs by adding long screw every few inches. Make sure they go into the building structure. Also add a good strike plate and a dead bolt.
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    Dollar for dollar the Remington 870 express cannot be beat for Price, Reliability, Smoothness of action, and availability. It is lighter and smoother than the Mossberg at a very close price. Winchesters might be as smooth or slightly smoother, but at a much higher price.
    I think you should consider a 22 rimfire rifle as well. The Ruger 10-22 is hard to beat. Ammo is so cheap you can lay aside tons of it without selling the house. On sale you can easily find ammo for less than or right at 4 cents a round. So you are talking 1000 rounds for $40, or 5000 rds for $200, 25,000 rds for $1000
    Split the 22 ammo stash between solids and hollow points if you want, but I lean towards 40 grain solids because they make excellent man or deer killer rounds with head shots. (they have enough power and hold togther to punch through the skull but lose enough energy not to punch out most of the time so they bounce around scambling the brain. Target down DRT. just saying
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  8. Wow, I'm so glad I joined this forum, thanks for the info guys, keep bringing it, I love it and want to learn. Is the .22 cal really an option for defense? All I heard is that rimfire ammo, specially .22, have no stoping power! I am not criticizing, just asking

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    Body shots on deer or man really won't get it done quickly. Head shots will. The 22 is easy for all to master with practice and that practice is cheap. Special forces troops have been known to use silenced 22's for taking out sentries. LEO's can attest to organized crime hits have often been done with head shots and 22s. Yes they will cleanly quickly kill.
    Don't forget the damn cheap ammo. How much centerfire ammo can you afford to accumulate quickly? Everyone has a 22. 22 ammo could be used as barter goods if you trusted the buyer.
  10. Awesome, you mentioned the Ruger 10-20 as the best option, why? Price-wise? Or quality? What's the price range on your opinion?

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    TH2011, just getting started is a good thing, 'cause if you don't start, you'll never finish. Actually, you'll never finish anyway, there's always more you can do. You've picked your first priority to prep for, always the first step, and now you are in research mode, also the right path.

    Going along with the research scheme, you might use the SM search function (not perfect, but pretty good) and see some of the thinking that has gone before in your areas of interest. I think you'll have a lot of answers on weapons in the Firearms section, and I know there is a goodly amount of medical scoop starting way back with phishi's posts. There are some decent discussions on safe rooms as well.

    Welcome aboard. [beer]
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    Multiple reasons, most popular 22 semi auto in USA right now. Low price, Quality, Reliability.
    gun broker examples right now.
    Ruger 10/22 RB Carbine 22 LR Wood/Matte Black NIB : Semi Auto Rifles at GunBroker.com $219

    RUGER 10/22 Rifle 22lr Black Synthetic stock NIB : Semi Auto Rifles at GunBroker.com $209
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  13. $200-$220 you really cannot beat that + cheap ammo, I see what you are saying. The cheapest .223 I found that was half decent was at least that much, is a .223 twice as powerful as a .22?

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    .223 is in a different catigory completely. For many, a MBR (main battle rifle). The .223 round as capable in the right hands for 500-600 yard range. 250 to 300 yards quite easily. Yes it is much more powerful than a 22 rimfire (22 short. long, or long rifle).
    For that power you pay the increase in price for ammo, 30 plus cents per round at least, if not a good bit more.
  15. 30c extra per round is quite a bit of coin

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  17. Thanks man, I'm going to check some
    10-20 tomorrow. I really appreciate all the info

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    You can find the "this gun versus that gun" debates on here, or any gun board, that go on for pages. But I think most would agree that a decent, quality for the money, reliable set up would be;

    A Ruger 10-22 (small game, minimal self defense. Excellent training weapon)

    A Remington 870 12 ga. (great self defense, versatile choice of ammo ie; slugs, buckshot, birdshot.ultra reliable.)

    A good quality MBR. Not mandatory but definitely recommended. If you have to defend yourself against multiple bad guys you want max firepower. The debate over .308 vs .223 vs 7.69x39 is a moot point really. Anything that will hurl a lot of lead in a little time.
    AR-15, AK-47, FAL. Any one of those would work.
    Actually I would recommend the AK. Cheap and available ammo and ultra reliable.

    You have the handguns. A .40 cal is sufficient stoppage. A back up would be fine. I like the Springfield Armory XD series over the Glock but that is personal choice. But remember that a handgun is a last option weapon in a gunfight. The saying that a handgun is only to fight your way to your rifle has a lot of truth to it.

    That would give you a well rounded, all bases covered armory. And it is not a serious bank account drain either The Ruger and the Remington could be had for under $500 for the pair. an XD pistol I have found as low as $400. The MBR will be the most expensive. A good quality AR, I like Bushmasters, but again, personal preference, I have seen for as little as $600. A good AK can be had for the same or maybe a little less. A parts kit and the bill for a gunsmith to assemble could be as little as $500.

    But the most important, and the cheapest thing you can have in your armory is practice!! The best, most fine tuned, high end weapon will be nearly worthless in the hands of someone who hasn't invested the time to learn how to use it effectively.

    others mileage will definitely vary!!!!
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    So far, very good information going on here.... .22LR Rifle makes a GREAT Training and Practice Weapon, that You, and Momma, can use, as well as a great Teaching Aid, as your children get to an age, and physical size, that they can heft the weapon. Ammunition is much cheaper, which makes for more training time at the Range or out in the desert. Many a small critter has been dispatched will a .22LR, and that can feed you and your family much cheaper than and Centerfire Weapon.

    Shotgun is a great Defensive Weapon. Around where I live my Winchester Stainless 1300 12 Ga. Pump Action Shotty, with extended Tube Magazine lives on Pegs above the Cabin Front Door frame. It is loaded with a #9 Bird shot in the Chamber, and then 1 oz Slugs, and 00 Buck, alternating thru the rest of the 9 shot Loadout. Above the door, keeps it out of the reach of the GrandKids, when they come to visit, and as they are being trained in Firearm Safety just like their Parent was, when they lived here, they get the standard GrandPa's Lecture, on FireArms Safety, and then GrandPa takes them out, to recycle out glass, with the .22LR. Big Hit with the Older than 8 years, and gives the younger ones an incentive to go when they reach that age.

    On another NOTE, here, as you are a Trauma Nurse working in a Hospital Setting, likely you have some Comms Experience. What have you done for providing local AoO (Area of Operations) Comms, between You, and Momma, should the Cellphone Network, fail, or be shut down? Many senerios where you are away from home, something happens, and you need direct Comms with Momma, and, or, the children, with no Cellphone availability. Something to consider in today's Prep'er World.

    ...... YMMV....
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    Personally I think that now that you have some form of defense more thought could be given to food and water.
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