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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Tried to deal with Sun Electronics to buy the Canadian panels i had talked about, i was given a Sales Order for 10 of the CS6P-230-P panels, and freight...Had to wait til today, because even though their website shows they take Visa, Mastercard< they don't!!!!!! Then when i did go to pay them today, they were "out of them".....Had some bad feelings about this whole deal....guess i;m STILL looking for panels!!!!!rsbhunter
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    Well, my friend had the same experience, but he did finally get them. Why don't you check out Craigslist.org and see if you can find anything there ? There are sometimes some awfully good deals to be had by shopping around. Now that you have started doing some research on prices etc, you would have a much better idea of what your looking for. Sometimes, complete up and working systems will appear which you can check it out easier and save a ton of money. Don't be in a hurry as you don't need it to soon anyway.
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    Well, i found them on Solar Systems USA...same panel, grade "A", and they had them in stock...i really appreciate the replies, i guess bad things happen sometime,,,,funny the price went up after i wanted to buy them, and they (Sun Elec) were out?????rsbhunter
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    Sun Elec. purchase

    I bought 20 evergreen panels when sun electronics had the massive sale back in November. Everything turned out just fine. Sun made a massive bid, and then hurriedly had to get the sales to finance the purchase. They offered, and sold, evergreen panels at 78 cents a watt, plus shipping. They required immediate wire transfer of funds, which I hesitantly wired. I received the panels approx. January 5. Smooth transaction, no complaints. Of course using a credit card offers some advantages and buyers protection, but I don't use credit cards, and refuse to feed the banks. One other downside to the panel purchase....It wasn't disclosed, nor did I ask, where the panels were made. I did know that they weren't US made, as evergreen had factories in europe that I was aware of. Upon inspection, the panels were made in china. Oh well, price was good, but would have preferred other manufact. site.
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    Evergreen panels

    The reason i was given that the Canadian Solar panels that i wanted weren't available was that they were being substituted for the Evergreen panels that they had to make up for????? (oversold?) Anyway, found the panels, at the same price(after SE web showed price increase to $1.20 a watt) And the company i dealt with was VERY customer oriented...Just a bad day ...it all ended up going well...rsbhunter
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