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    By: Shinmen Takezo
    Bastard Son Of Lee Marvin

    I've been watching the events unfold over the last week.

    The magnitude of the CT shootings did not completely sink in with much of the sheeple for at least 48 hours after it occurred, and many at the Ventura California Gun Show on the following day (which I personally attended) did not realize exactly what had happened--except for yours truly that is.

    The prices were not jacked up, there was not a frenzy feeding at the firearms tables, and ammunition of all calibers were in plentiful supply... until Sunday that is.

    Then I began carefully studying the news coverage of this event.

    As of Sunday, I noticed that all the Marxist networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and so on) were now using specific phrases and all taking a similar track with their coverage.

    I suspect that the midnight oil was being burned in the DC Thug-House (formerly the White House) and that the MSM media campaign and talking points were completely being issued from this location--actually I will bet money upon this for any takers.

    Piers Morgan (who should be deported BTW, and who would have been deported back in the day by J. Edger Hoover FYI) was the tip of the insanity spear following this incident, and was the one leading the charge of talking points and trail balloons being floated.

    Now I am thinking that just one more incident like the one which occurred in CT will launch the media frenzy as we are witnessing now into an orbital trajectory.

    One more high-profile shooting incident will kill off the 2nd Amendment in this country for good with a political move for a total repeal. I believe that are others like me out there who are also having this line of thought. If you look at the magnitude and numbers of the firearm purchases in the last week, I think 9 out of ten of these people have the same idea in their brains.

    And most likely another high-profile event will happen. I will lay money on the fact that "they/them" in the Thug-House, and in the media are licking their chops and waiting for the chance to make the run up for a total firearm ban. They are laying in wait for the chance to stampede of the inbred idiot politicians into taking some sort of action into making it "all legal-like" if you know what I mean.

    My money is on a scenario where when His Excellency, Emperor Seotoro the 1st, launches the final attack against Iran (holding hands with Israel)--and afterwards you will see hundreds of Mu-slime counter-attackers rise up and slaughter civilians en-mass with weapons (purchased legally) by US Mu-slime citizens and legal residents.

    Actually if this happens then the levers of tyranny will be openly pulled and there will no longer be any pretense or Mr. Nice guy play-acting from the Emperor in DC.
    (Special note: The psychos in DC will officially re-categorize people like you and I as terrorists, along with the enemies inside our borders)

    Or perhaps just another psycho (or pair of psychos) who has been digesting a steady stream of murder simulator (video game) violence, or who have been replaying a constant stream of violent filth (movies on Blue Ray) released like clock work by the major studios, will strike again in a high profile copy-cat move to get on the six o:clock news.

    Oh wait! Did I fail to mention--it has been alleged that I am a screenwriter. Guilty as charged, so this makes me an eye witness expert on what transpires behind the scenes of the motion picture industry, and all of the miss deeds of its guilty conspirators and degenerates who run it. Wayne LaPierre was completely on target when he blamed "the media" for the constant stream of violence it has been inflicting on the American public. LaPierre is the wrong messenger for this topic, and he does not know even half of the story behind his statements. But this is another op-ed piece that I will soon be writing, along with naming names and providing photos. Let's get back to my main subject...

    So we are one more incident away from a political stampede propelled by the Marxist main stream media, the Communist anti 2nd Amendment Rights activists along with all of their useful idiots and lackeys. But do any of of these dupes are playing with a blow torch in the middle of an acre of parked gasoline tankers?

    The talk and the mood at the gun shows, shops and political meetings is very dire now. This frenzy feeding of guns and ammunition is largely not because people are seeking to possess "something" in the hopes of it being grandfathered in--it is largely being done a preparation for what many see as an impending civil war, which many perceive to be rapidly approaching.

    This is the talk. This is not what I advocate, but this is what is being openly spoken of in public at gun shows, in gun shops and in every other imaginable public place including internet forums. I am just the messenger here.

    I'm wondering if TPTB realize what will unfold if they managed to push their agenda too far.

    There are breaking points you know.
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    in the immortal words of the great man Charleston Heston ------- FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS
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