Just saw Monkeyman on the History Channel

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Aug 14, 2007.

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    I was watching a history channel show about the Lewis & Clark expedition and they introduced a familiar looking guy whom they described as "a mountain of a man" from Missouri. So I did a search on here and by god it was Monkeyman. The show was called the fort (that's how I found old threads pertaining to it).

    MM... that looked like an interesting project, but I have one question...... did you eat any of the grubs? :sick:
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  3. monkeyman

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    No I wasnt in on the grub eating, I stuck to the chow at the diner, MREs and Geri McPhearsons cooking of more appatising dishes. It was a blast and especialy getting to know and learn from the McPhearsons. I'll have to check out the History Channels web site and see if they have the DVDs back for sale since they are rerunning it again, I got a copy of a vidio tape from when it was on from my mom but never have gotten around to buying a opy of the DVD. The producers were SUPPOSED to send a copy to each of us that worked on it but never did.
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    Damn, it's been two years already? And we STILL haven't seen a copy [beat].
  5. monkeyman

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