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    Yes, I am sure that the Sturmabteilung started as an innocuous 'Neighbourhood Watch' organisation with such noble, righteous purposes and objectives. If the 'Patriot' Militia groupies follow in the footseps of the Proud Boys, Oath Keeperes, Boogaloo Bois, 3 Percenters et al...they are likely to see the inside of a prison cell in a brightly coloured jump suit if they fall foul of similar State and Federal criminal statutes.

    Russia and China don't need to invade the USA, they are happy to support home grown domestic terrorists and destroy America from within.

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  3. Bandit99

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    Hmm...I did notice you didn't include ANTIFA and BLM in your rant, is there any specific reason you left them out?
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  4. SB21

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    I'd be scared to get involved in any group , no matter what their intentions and goals are these days . You know damned well you're gonna have some feds in there ,, and even if the group isn't doing anything wrong ,, the feds are gonna lie to make it seem like they were planning illegal acts . Just like them boys in Michigan and that Whitmer witch . And just like every infiltrated biker club they've ever gone after . It seems 1/2 the time ,, the feds are more corrupt than the ones they're going after .
    I think I'd be better off , if I saw a group headed out to make right ,, I'd be better off to just wait till they're on their way to battle , and just jump on the wagon then .
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    Yes, no one should ever join any group that this government disagrees with! Disagreeing with the group in power is always evil! Wait a second, who is it that's behaving like the Nazis? The ones who are using the government to attack their political opponents? Or the ones who are advocating for freedom of speech? Wake up Chel.
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  6. Tempstar

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    Long story short, was in a group in NC, one night a FED in the group tried to arrest a Sheriff Deputy for possession of a suppressor that he was trying to set up members with, and the two SBI agents happened on the scene and made an even bigger mess. 4 out of twenty in the group were LEOS! Thus ended my involvement with any group.
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  7. johnbb

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    IMO militia groups in the USA these days have been branded as evil white supremacy terrorist organizations (IMO are false accusations) by the government and the liberal media. Thus have been infiltrated by government agents, best not to join unless you know 100% who the members are.
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    I was reading that some states are considering making legislation protecting militias since ""A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." I believe it is under consideration here in Idaho but not sure. Personally, given the prose of the 2nd Amendment, I think militias should be protected just like our firearms. Why? The 2A is not only about self-defense but its main purpose is protection from a tyrannical government, firearms and militia goes hand in hand.

    The problem is while the government doesn't like you to own firearms and do everything possible to impede this, they could not tolerate militias because they see them as a direct threat to their power and they are indeed correct. Think about it.

    Firearms are truly only half of the solution to keep a government in check; actually, much less than half. Organized and a well-trained and well-regulated militia really is the key. Could they be used for ill intent? Not if they are well-regulated and less so than many current law enforcements like ATF, FBI, etc. that without a doubt have become no less then political police, old time Gestapo. I hate to say that but the shoe fits.

    Anyway, that's my opinion. I believe the militias are protected under the 2A and are very necessary, if for nothing else than a deterrent and we really should consider them. I believe they would prove beneficial in numerous ways, too many to count. Men and women filling its ranks have a personally reason to ensure law and order as they got skin in the game. They live and work in the community the militia is to protect and serve.
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  9. Ura-Ki

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    I AM the Militia, same as you and anyone else who wants to serve, the question is HOW and who is in charge, and what the goals are! I don't join groups, but i'm also not a lone wolf, I just wait to see what springs up and decide what if anything I'm going to do!
    I was headhunted by several groups after I retired, ( My Skill Set is in super high demand by everyone) and I looked at a few of them, ultimately what I discovered was that there was no serious leadership, no structure, and no cohesion, so I didn't join anyone!
    For me to consider any sort of Militia service, it would have to be run by an official, ether Local Sheriff's office or the National Guard, it would have to have a set leadership and chain of command, and a set of hard and fast rules everyone is held to account for. IF all that was established, then I would consider joining up, but only after seeing how folks are vetted, and assured there was no funny business going on!
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  10. Bandit99

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    I have to disagree, Ura-Ki. We are not the Militia. A real militia is a well-trained, cohesion unit, and that means training together. Yes, I understand that you know the drill, but teamwork requires training, right? I'm preaching to the choir here because I know you are not the one needing training but...the rest do and numbers are needed.

    We have a few serious Militia units here in North Idaho. The biggest use to train and work together with one of county sheriffs here until the State Attorney General said, "Ah...no." End of story. I think they still exist, but the Sheriff does not have access to this manpower any longer, of course, it hurts their creditability also. The last I heard is they were looking into the possibility of being deputize if needed but no training and etc. with Sherriff department.
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  11. mysterymet

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    Some of the more rural counties in red states tend to have sheriff’s reserve deputies that are volunteers.
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  12. SB21

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    I kinda have a feeling we may have been in the same areas , and ran in similar circles of types of people , back in our wilder days . Not neccesarily at the same times ,, just possibly same , or similar interests .
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  13. Tempstar

    Tempstar Pray for BT

    South Carolina State Militia Home

    We have this in SC. I have friends in it but stayed away myself. Serves at the pleasure of the Governor like the National Guard but not under Federal jurisdiction. Basically checkpoint manning and event security. Usually serves alongside the guard during disasters as force multipliers.
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  14. Bandit99

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    I think that is key, right there...and why it is so disliked by the Feds.

    Actually, I have never thought about this topic before now and think it's a no-brainer as militia, firearms and the 2A go hand-in-hand. Now, I do think Ura-ki is correct and they need to be physical fit, disciplined, well-trained, and well-regulated as a mob of hot heads cause more trouble than it would be worth. I don't know if folks have Volunteer Fire Brigades/Dept. but we have them in our rural community (thank God!) and they work extremely well so I think the concept, at least in theory, works well and is not outdated.
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  15. Gator 45/70

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    We have the Cajun navy whom wanders all over the place rescuing old folks and pets and cooking for the people.
    Are they armed who knows?
    Those good ol'boys probably know how to lead a duck at full throttle.
  16. Bandit99

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    Yeah, I never thought about them, but they are quite famous and work remarkably well!
  17. Ura-Ki

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    Here in Co. we have ( Had) the Sheriff's office set up with auxiliary's, basically un-sworn deputies to add numbers for things such as search and rescue, emergency management, and all that, we had a sort of unofficial militia as well, but after a visit from ether some state or fed agency, that all came crashing down in smoke and fire! These days, I'm not really speaking to the sheriff, he has changed, and not for the better, I don't know what happened, but it wasn't good at all! Everything came crashing down, there are no more civil SAR or CERT programs, and the sheriff's office is under staffed and under funded, and the equipment is all out of date and ill maintained! It's not a good thing for our county, and it's only getting worse by the minute! I suspect one of the large church groups that has shown up and is buying up everything has something to do with all this, but cannot prove it, only that the residents are NOT HAPPY at all with everything, they even closed down the local out door range, posted signs and everything, and now, we cant shoot unless we are in unincorporated areas like I am!

    This county is made up of Vets, as well as current serving, I would put the number at close to 70% and most are very conservative, so you can imagine what people here are feeling with everything going on. I know there are splinter groups who are semi active, but I I am not a part of any of that, but they all know me, and if needed, would find me! Our Sheriff is quite aware of all this, he has seen my full file, and knows me quite well, so I think there is a lot of fear in his office with all the vets around, including most of the deputies who are also vets, they are having to tread very carefully!
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  18. oldawg

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    In Texas we have the Texas Military and the Texas State Guard. A bit complicated in structure but the Guv can field a damn fine and regulated force be it ground, air, or water. Before some jump me out about why we don't handle the southern invasion ourselves blame( mostly) the supreme court and carpet baggers in 1869. Although the right to secede has become a serious topic in rural Texas again in the last decade or so we've become to purple now to do a lot about that.
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  19. Bandit99

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    @oldawg Hell, I wouldn't blame Texas if they seceded - again! LOL! I do hope you lot stick around a while longer if just to see how this all plays out. :)

    @Ura-Ki "...but after a visit from ether some state or fed agency, that all came crashing down..."
    Yeah, I think that is what happened here also. Everything was sunshine and biscuits then 180 degrees turn around, but I really don't know the details...
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