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    About six months ago I forget what the thread was and even who posted it. We were talking about stocking up on Mayo, Ket, Must, salt and pepper. One of you guys had talked about extra packets from restraunts and I liked that idea and with having a little one it makes things easier. So Me and the wife eat out maybe once a payday nothing fancey and I started asking for extra Mayo and so on. I went to Kroger and picked up four three gallon food grade buckets for free from the deli. Last night looked at them and all are full one for each. It is amazing when you ask for extras how much they put in the bag. I was checking with some people who told me as long as stored in a cool location they would last for years. Which I keep my stock room around 65 year round so that works. I was wondering if anyone else has little tricks like this they use and want to share. Another way to take a little cost off of prepping just thought I would share it and thank the Monkey that posted it.
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    Save those lil'bottles of soap and shampoo from Hotel's..May come in handy one day...
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