Just watched this Blackhawk and 2 Little Birds with MIL on skids door. 10 passes today

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by AD1, Nov 14, 2016.

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    Happend to quick for me to get shots. Flying love like 100-200 feet Could see the guys faces.

    I will try again tomorrow.

    This has been the flight path today. The circles are were I was at on 3 different times and saw them. The other sightings I was indoors and ran out too late to see them.

    Flight path was the same and in both directions.

    I have a video from just after dark when you can here them but they were just to far frommthe east ofmthe house where I could not see them.

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  4. sec_monkey

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    thanks @AD1 :)

    should we scrub that for OPSEC?
  5. AD1

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    Nope. I am good.

    I have actually been involved with these in the past but on a covert level.
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  6. Yard Dart

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    Sounds like aliens... prepare, they are coming!!! ;)
  7. azrancher

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    Just build the dang wall...

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    January construction begins sir. ;)
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  9. ghrit

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    Settle for a superfence? (That's the backing down position currently being bandied about.)
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    @AD1 stop having to much wine on the back deck late at night.... you are starting to see chit that aint there.
    Now on the other hand, if you really did see something... grab your ankles and repeat after me "these are not the droids you are looking for"...... [LMAO]:lol:[ROFL][dancindevil]
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  11. Tempstar

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    Looking for heavily armed real estate agents is what I heard....
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    That's what Phoenix gets for being so conservative. We've seen nothing like that here about 120 miles to the south. But then this county went solidly for Hilary...so the black helicopters leave this town alone since it is basically in agreement with everything the present administration does.

    But on a serious note...
    It means that when the time comes to retire, it's time to move.
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  13. AD1

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    ALWAYS. As a matter of fact in all my classes and training, safety is one thIng they stress during showings and open houses.

    They talk about places to buy a gun, but no one is offering training.

    So over the next few months I will be finally obtaining all of my NRA training certs and working on a real estate specific training program. Looking at supplementing my income as small as it may be
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    My bud is Raul Grijalva (D) 3rd District Congressman, let's put him and Martha McSally in the same ring together, she'll whoop his fat ass. The Ahole said that SB 1070 "that allowed police during a traffic stop to determine if the people in the car were AMERICANS or not", was illegal, go South Grijalva... and Tucson re-elected him!

    AFF, move South, and East, I just met a moderator from the Orange Forum that moved here from Minnesota.

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  15. tacmotusn

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    with regard to the wall/fence/border .... Mexico now wants to have talks with Trump about it.
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  16. Altoidfishfins

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    True story @azrancher. Grijalva is a Castro communist and nothing short of.

    At least McSally is my rep and was re-elected.

    My state senator gets an F rating from the NRA and is unopposed.
    What a total [AH]!
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  17. GhostX

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    I live pretty close to some military bases that are scattered all around my area here in Texas. I've noticed a huge increase in air activity, particularly with jets flying in formation. I can try to get some video some time if I can catch them. There have also been helicopters but I haven't gotten a good look at them. I sure hear them passing though.
  18. AD1

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    Did not see or hear them today. Was outside or with windows open most of the day.

    Will be vigilant tomorrow.
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