Just Way too many Great Backpacks ;)

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  1. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Clearing out the shop again of stuff I've never used and probably never will so hopefully they will find a good home....

    Paid over $100 for each of these... some are no longer available and some are... but are much more expensive than what I am offering the Monkeys here....

    Here you go 8 great backpacks.... All have never been used (except for the swiss engineer with the padded straps) by me and were purchased brand new by me...

    Top... 2 Swiss engineers waterproof packs... one in awesome new unissued condition and one in great condition with rare padded wool shoulder straps... each comes with extra straps....

    2nd Row from top... two black Semper Paratus Tactical packs... these were made by a one man operation in Washington State... Dan made/makes tactical and gear packs and other gear for certain units and our troops up there and these were made special for me.... Made in the USA... all quality super stitching... and never used... one comes with two pouches you can attach... the other with one large pouch and I'll toss in the hydration bladder since I can find the small pouch ;)

    To the far right is a Spec Ops Recon Ruck... early version... yes... another one I picked up and never used... also made in the USA

    3rd Row from the top...

    Two more Semper Paratus Tactical packs... on in OD (some fading on the piping) and one in black... both come with one large and one small accessory pouch

    Next to it... a big old Blackhawk Pack with Hydration Storm bladder... never used... still has the plastic covering the mouthpiece.... can't beat the lifetime guarantee on this.... much larger capacity than all the others and built like a tank

    So there you go....All are super quality and never used by me...

    Gonna make this a deal for my Monkey Buddies... $40 for any ONE of the packs... shipping is extra... some I can fit in a large flat rate box... others I will have to pack it and see... still a great deal if you are out shopping... or outfitting your family or crew...

    Thanks for looking... and helping me to clean up ... and maybe buy a new hammer, grinding belt or two and a file ;)

    Take Care and God Bless,



















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  2. Mountainman

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    If you still have this I'll take it: "a big old Blackhawk Pack with Hydration Storm bladder"
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  3. Bear

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    Yup... @Mountainman she is till available....
    Let me see how she packs up and I'll let you know about shipping...
    I'll pm you tomorrow after I see if I can get it in a large flat rate...
    Take Care and God Bless,

    Availability Update
    One Black and One OD Semper Paratus Tactical Pack is gone
    And the Blackhawk is gone as well...
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  4. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys...

    Wow... thanks for the great response.... all the packs except for the spec ops are now pending final approvals from the members once I can get the shipping estimates....

    I'll update if any become available...

    Have a great Friday!

    Take care and God Bless,

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  5. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys

    Thanks everyone for the super fast replies....
    Finally got things straight and everything is shipped out....

    One Black Semper Paratus Tactical pack left... one pouch and a unused Camelbak 2.0 Hike...

    Let's sweeten this last deal with some Tactical Tailor Malice clips to attach your gear to the molle...
    12 small and 4 large (yeah the pic only has 10 but there are 12) that's about $20 worth right there...
    NOTE... THE $5 dollar bill is for size comparison and is NOT included ;)

    Same deal as the initial post $40, with the added extras to move this along and I can fit this in a large flat rate priority mail box for @$15... so
    $55 shipped Priority Mail, Insured with tracking to the USA...

    Let me know quick... the others flew out and sadly had to disappoint some members.... :(

    Hope you are all having a great weekend...

    Take Care and God Bless,



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