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    Some days...I am not happy about being a human being..

    this is one of them.... :evil:

    N.Y.-Bound Puppies Used As Drug Couriers

    By TOM HAYS, Associated Press Writer
    1 hour, 25 minutes ago

    NEW YORK - Colombian drug dealers turned puppies into couriers by surgically implanting them with packets of heroin, federal authorities said Wednesday.

    Investigators believe the ring used the dogs, as well as human drug swallowers, to conceal millions of dollars in liquid heroin on commercial flights into New York City for distribution on the East Coast.

    Ten puppies, including Labrador retrievers, were rescued during a 2005 raid on a farm in Colombia, the Drug Enforcement Administration said, while announcing more than 30 arrests.

    A veterinarian had stitched a total of 3 kilograms of heroin into the bellies of six pups. Three later died from infections after the drugs were removed.

    The surviving dogs "are still alive and well, we're told," said John P. Gilbride, head of the DEA's New York office.

    Colombian police said they adopted three dogs, one of which was being trained to sniff for drugs.

    It was unclear how many dogs might have been used in the overall smuggling scheme, said John P. Gilbride, head of the DEA's New York office.

    "I think it's outrageous and heinous that they'd use small, innocent puppies in this way," he said.

    Besides the pups and human swallowers, authorities said the ring based in Medellin also concealed drugs in body creams, aerosol cans, and the linings of purses and luggage.

    Recent raids in Colombia resulted in more than 20 arrests; another 10 suspects were in custody in New York, Florida and North Carolina. About 24 kilograms of heroin was seized, officials said
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