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    This K8 Nuke Safeguard, tested by using NIST traceable sources, is capable of detecting low level of nuclear radiation & very small amounts of radioactive materials nearby, and is an ideal personal nuke safeguard device. It meets NCRP Guidance & Recommendation for Management of Terrorist Events.



    The Market's Most Sensitive Miniature Radiological Warning Device:
    • Fast Acting - Alarms in 2 to 4 seconds of source presenceSensitive
    • 5 mR/h or greater triggers the alarmsEconomical
    • A low cost / high value solution for exponentially expanding your detection capabilities
    • Discrete
    • Fits easily almost anywhere. 25 mm x 39 mm x 12 mm; 13g or, 1" x 1.5" x 0.475'; 1/2 oz.
    • Rugged - A durable clamp that you just can't shake.
    • Exceeds drop test requirements of ANSI 13.27
    • Audible alarm. And, the bright LED alerts in inaudible environments
    • Certified - CE. NCRP. EMC. NIST. ANSI. And, each unit is tested by a Doctor of Physics


    Red flashes/alarm @ 5 mR/h (50 ìSv/h)

    Specifications (All specifications are subject to change without notice)

    Detector; Si-detector

    Detection: X & Gamma; 30 keV - 6.2 MeV

    Natural radiation: Approx. 5 to10 minutes per green flash

    Extreme high field: LED keeps flashing/Alarm keeps beeping @100 Sv/h

    Battery: One standard CR2032 battery with ~1500h battery life

    Low battery indication: Yellow flash; 12 hours usage after low battery indicated

    Temp. & Humidity: -30°C to +50°C, >95%,

    Ruggedness: Exceeds drop test requirements of ANSI 13.27

    Package: High impact plastic housing and clip

    Size & Weight: 25mm x 39mm x 12mm, 0.5 oz. (13g)

    My photos of the modified K8 Nuke:
    DSC00001.JPG DSC00002.JPG DSC00003.JPG DSC00021.JPG DSC00022.JPG

    My Personal Findings

    Surprisingly enough, it really is a clip-on and forget kind of item. I had to modify the belt clip after I broke the original one. I have had this for about 4 years now, so it's seen some use. The battery lasts for several months, but I do turn it off occasionally. I suppose one could just buy a supply of CR2032 batteries and keep this running all day every day. I would estimate the battery lasting maybe two months like this, perhaps longer. I think the ambient temperature has something to do with battery life.

    Check the video out below on how I attach this modified K8 Nuke. I have an elastic band attached to the new clip, and I flip that over top to secure it. There's no way it can ever come off until I want to take it off. I used a clip from a Kershaw OSO Sweet knife, and JB-Weld with some spray paint. It suits it very nicely!

    It can be bumped around, the case is quite sturdy. Some folks with big, meaty fingers will need a small toothpick-like object to flip the power switch. Also, when changing the battery it likes to chirp for a bit once in a while. I just flip it on and off a few times, then it calms right down. It's no problem, just keep it in mind.

    DSC00005.JPG I live in between two nuclear plants. It always pays to have protection by way of an early warning system, even though these nuclear facilities are very safe. Regardless, I also carry KI (potassium iodide) on me at all times.


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    @Brokor So, how much is it? Inquiring Minds want to know......
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    Looks to be a rate meter and doesn't record the total dose a wearer is exposed to. Gamma and xray only, so won't measure beta or alpha emitting surface contamination that you might breathe or eat. I guess I don't see the utility of it unless you are going to enter a known radiation area, but in that event, it should do quite well if properly calibrated.
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    I think people can do their own shopping. I didn't link a price or place to buy because it's been out a while and the price varies.
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