Kahr P9 Experience?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by TXKajun, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. TXKajun

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    I noticed someone was selling a Kahr P9 for $475 locally and wondered if anyone here has first-hand experience with one?


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  2. Wheelsucker

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    I carry a CW9 (nearly identical to P9 w/ only diff being less cosmetic machining and regular rifling rather than polygonal). Reliable, good, smooth but long trigger. Small as allows a full grip unless you have really big hands. Similar in size to Shield and, like Shield, shoots like a real gun and not a pocket pistol. Recommended.

    That said, the Shield (which is ugly in mine eyes) has a shorter trigger and may be more like a Glock or M&P if that what you are used to. I consider the Kahr's long trigger OK for pocket carry but still don't do it w/o pocket holster. My competition Apex trigger is way different than the Kahr and takes some practice for me.

    If you are cheap like me, the CW9 goes for about $375.

    2015-11-15 14.16.19.
  3. hot diggity

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    I've carried a PM9 every day for just about ten years. It's a little smaller than the P9, but the internals are the same. After the recommended 200 round break-in period, this pistol has just gotten smoother and smoother the more I shoot it. The mags are easily disassembled and cleaned, and the entire pistol is reduced to the bare minimum of features required for a defensive handgun. No external safety, sharp and extended slide and magazine release, nicely designed grip, and sights that point naturally for me. With 115gr +P Corbon ammo the pistol shoots exactly to point of aim.
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  4. Lone Gunman

    Lone Gunman Draw Varmint!

    I live within a 45 minute drive of Kahr's new manufacturing facility in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania; and I've gotten to meet quite a few Kahr personnel at the local ranges.

    The new plant has two, underground, indoor, 100 yard ranges; and the facility is (from what I've been told) state-of-the-art! The Greeley plant is located in a nice remote location, too, and is surrounded by multiple tracts of state game lands along with several large reservoirs. The Kahr people chose their new location well. It's actually quite a nice area! The local state game lands shooting range is only a few miles away; and one of the nicest indoor public ranges in NEPA is only a 15 minute ride up the road in Honesdale.

    The local population (and politicians) have welcomed Kahr Arms and the many new jobs they've brought into the local economy with (if you'll excuse the pun) 'open arms'! Kahr's new plant is now heavily surrounded by a large community of American gun owners and Second Amendment supporters. I hunted in Pike County for more than 30 years; and I still remember walking around on the streets of nearby Milford, PA with a Smith & Wesson Model 27 strapped on my belt and out in plain sight. Dozens of people would see me, and nobody - absolutely nobody - took any notice!

    I think Kahr Arms made an excellent choice for their new plant, and has moved to the right neighborhood!
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  5. TXKajun

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    Thanks for the info, Lone Gunman.
  6. Brokor

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    Just don't expect to have a good time at the State game lands unless you have your hunting license with you and if it's anything like up in the the area I live, have annoying do-gooders remind you to only load 3 rounds maximum, pistol or rifle when shooting at TARGETS. Also, the guys with badges, who are usually pretty cool, could fine you, interrogate you, and even confiscate your firearm(s). Or you may never even see anybody while out there shooting on State game lands at their designated "hunting" target ranges and be none the wiser.

    Pennsylvania is a welfare state, where Demoscum keep trying to turn ordinary people into criminals, every day.
  7. Lone Gunman

    Lone Gunman Draw Varmint!

    Well, apparently you're no fonder of Governor Tom Wolf than I am; but, liberal politicians are liberal politicians; and you've just got to live with them. At PA state game land shooting ranges it's a maximum of 3 rounds in a rifle, and 6 rounds in a pistol. Some of the WCO's, and especially the part-timers, can be real dicks; but, since the Game Commission began requiring a current hunting, or trapping license, or a range use permit in order to use their ranges, the WCO's haven't been over-policing the ranges. (Exactly the opposite, actually! In fact I'd, personally, like to see more enforcement of the rules rather than less.)

    My own biggest objection to PA's game land shooting ranges is THE IDIOTS WITH LOADED GUNS who so frequently overpopulate the firing lines - In particular the pistol and sight-in firing lines. Since this last, 'Black Friday' I've never seen so many people at a PA shooting range. The firing lines have been absolutely mobbed! (I heard a lot of people purchased new firearms; but our local range traffic, and the wait to get a space on the line has become ridiculous!)

    I'm over 65; and I purchased one of those lifetime hunting licenses from the Commonwealth. Now it only costs me $2.50 a year to use a game lands' range for the rest of my life; however, after this past weekend, I think that I've finally had it with all of the idiots with loaded guns at our local range; and my wife has definitely had it. She's very gun safety conscious; and she just told me that she's not going back; and she doesn't want me to either.

    We live just over the state line, near the Delaware Water Gap, and it's very common to see a lot of New York, and New Jersey license plates at our local range. (I often wonder to myself how many of these out-of-staters actually have range use permits; but I'm nowhere near stupid, or reckless enough, to ask!)

    Last year a very pretty teenage girl whose grandfather had brought her and a number of her friends to the range for her birthday was shooting on the line when she suddenly turned around, screaming, 'I hit it!' 'I hit it!' while she pointed grandpa's loaded 1911 directly at the end of my nose! (When I realized that her finger was still inside the trigger guard I saw my whole life flash before my eyes!)

    I don't agree that Pennsylvania is a welfare state or full of socialist, 'Democratic scum'. Much of Pennsylvania is a pretty good place to live. Pennsylvania's most outstanding social problems are (Ready?) ....... (1) Fracking, garbage dumps, and other forms of widespread toxic environmental destruction. (2) Spend-crazy, socialist-leaning, money-hungry politicians - WHO DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF FINANCIALLY CUTTING BACK ANYTHING EXCEPT YOUR PAYCHECK - and (3) the money-sucking, crime and welfare-ridden hellholes of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. THIS is what's really wrong with Pennsylvania.

    You're welcome!

    3B's Indoor Shooting Range, (Bullets, Bows, & BB's) is located in Honesdale, PA at the extreme rear of the same shopping center as, '911 Tactical Supply'. Kahr Arms' new plant is located on the right-hand side of State Route 6, and on Well Road (SR #434), only 7 or 8 miles east of the #183 state game lands' public shooting range.
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  8. Brokor

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    Not everybody is as old as you are, and I for one do not like having to purchase a license (which is a contract with associated privileges assigned by the STATE) just to be able to perform a task. We are already licensed and taxed enough as is. However, I do understand the position the State is in with having to clean up and maintain these ranges, but there are plenty of volunteers out there who can help if they weren't relegated to the same position as common slave to be ordered about by her Queen's guard. It's a matter of principle to me, perhaps. But, more than this, it's about liberty -and Pennsylvania has a long way to go in this department. The more we support government and police of any variety (gameland police, local police, state police, federal police) the less we can actually police ourselves. We have gone from a free nation of sovereign states and citizenry to a militarized police state controlled by corrupt bureaucrats and their corporate masters, and any acceptance of their policies will only continue to perpetuate their existence, not rid us of it.

    Agreed on your points, except I respectfully maintain my position that PA is in fact a welfare state with Democrats running the show. The best way to control the people, is to force them into a situation where they do not (and cannot) accept the responsibility to keep government in line. It's kind of difficult to tell the politicians what to do if they are sending you a paycheck, whether it be through social security, welfare, or unemployment -although social security is in a slightly different category since you worked for it in a manner of speaking. On another level, we have the criminal population which is growing by the minute. A criminal really doesn't have an honorable standing, and can be easily corralled into a position of irrelevancy. Sure, people can vote, but since when has voting ever worked, anyway? I am thankful that I am neither accepting a paycheck from the State, or a criminal to any degree, but I do have my eyes open and can see what is happening. The power of the "STATE" is pervasive and encompasses much of our lives; there isn't a great deal we can do today that does not include permission to conduct ourselves.

    The problem as I see it, is we are constantly making excuses for tyranny to exist. Nobody is innocent in this discovery, and we each ought to be humbled by its recognition and inspired to do the right thing by demanding less government. Sure, we will have some inconveniences associated with not having government in our lives, but even the founders of this (once) great nation understood that these inconveniences are sufferable compared to the alternative.
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  9. Grand58742

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    I've owned Kahrs in some shape or form for almost 10 years. I started with a P40 and eventually moved to a P9 and CW9. The P9 is a carry piece and the CW my beater range gun. As was already stated, the DAO trigger takes some getting used to, but is not unnecessarily rough. It's accurate within the intended distances (25 yards) and is easy to control in 9mm.

    I'd recommend.
  10. Lone Gunman

    Lone Gunman Draw Varmint!

    Oh, thanks - Thanks a lot! Now I'm sitting here staring at the computer with tears rolling down my face, wondering why we ever moved to Pennsylvania, and exactly where my life went so wrong!

    On another note: We went to the Honesdale range over the weekend; and, on the way, we stopped at the new Kahr Arms plant. My wife was funny. When I told her we were going to stop at the new Kahr plant she replied, 'What do you want to see a car plant for?' So, after I explained things to her, she said, 'Are they really Moonies? ' 'The people who used to hang around airports; and, now, they've got guns?'

    She came along anyway; and the main gate was open; so, we got to drive around their rather large, brand new plant. I understand that the UTS church purchased the ENTIRE industrial park; so they've definitely got room to grow; but nobody's put up the company name on the front of the building, yet.

    When we got to the range I rented a Kahr just to see what I thought. I only put 30, or so, rounds through it before deciding that Kahrs would be better pistols if the trigger stroke were more like SIG's, 'DAK', or H&K's, 'LEM' triggers; but, maybe, that's just me.
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  11. ghrit

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    Well, as close as you are to NJ, you might have picked there --
    If you are conflicted about Kahr, try a Sig. A few more frns, but could strike you as worth it.
    And, since you are close to Honesdale, try these guys on for size. I've not dealt with them, but talking a bit says they are not unreasonable.
    Northeast Firearms
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