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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Quantrill, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Quantrill

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    The State of Kansas may not be able to pay employees this week or give tax refunds. My wife works for KDOT and she is mad as hell.

    She thinks if they don't get paid there will be a revolt and folks will simply not show up to work, but instead at the state house. She is not even a monkey, she is the calm, cool, collected one in this relationship. Oh, and our state will come to a screeching halt.

    Not giving tax refunds is = to stealing. I am going to claim 4 dependents next year so the bastards can't steal from me.

    With all the people who live paycheck to paycheck this could get ugly. I think it is all political and would be suicide for any legislator who would let this happen but, I have seen more weird stuff than this happen. Of course there will be the requisite finger pointing between Dems and the GOP.
  2. Clyde

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    This is all it is. They want to use this to get Federal Bailout Money. That is all it is about.
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    the thing about not giving refunds is the legislature wants to cut spending, the governor doesn't. She wants to pull money out of other accounts to pay the state employees and do the tax refunds. but that is against the law in the state of KS....As it turns out Kathleen Sillyass pretty much gave in, she signed in most of the spending cuts, so the state employees will get paid and the tax refunds will go out. And I'm getting one of those checks.
  5. Quantrill

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    Good, I am glad she gave in. I think holding money owed to the people hostage for political purposes is reprehensible, no matter which party is responsible for it.

    My wife said if they were not getting paid they were going to have a protest at the state house Wed. at noon. I think the powers that be realized the gravity of their decision, and the resultant consequences.
  6. eeyore

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    Hope your right, they will only realize long enough till the next political opportunity comes along
  7. ghrit

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    Nothing gets attention like money. As always and forever it will be so. Thus far, the grass roots haven't been hurt directly enough for a march on DC, but I would not be the least surprised if it happens.
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