Kathleen Kane - Goes to jail

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DKR, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. DKR

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    Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane will spend 10 to 23 months in a county prison for crimes she committed in pursuit of retribution against a political foe, a judge decided Monday.

    Kane pleaded with a judge to spare her teenage sons the pain of being separated from their mother when she spoke Monday during her sentencing in Montgomery County Court.

    Kane, convicted in August of two felony counts of perjury and less serious charges of false swearing, obstruction, official oppression and conspiracy, apologized for leaking grand jury secrets in a plot to discredit a foe whom she believed was responsible for a negative newspaper article.

    NORRISTOWN, Pa. — She was a rising Democratic star. She was the first in her party to be elected state attorney general. She was one of the most powerful women in Pennsylvania.

    But on Monday night, Kathleen G. Kane, the state’s top prosecutor, became a convicted criminal

    A jury found Ms. Kane, 50, guilty of nine criminal charges, including perjury and criminal conspiracy, convicting her of leaking grand jury information, and then lying about it, in an effort to discredit a political rival.

    Ms. Kane was caught up in a web of scandal and counterscandal, threaded with lewd emails, political rivalries and alleged leaks. It has cost other state officials, including two State Supreme Court justices, their jobs and Ms. Kane her law license, although she has remained on the job as attorney general. (She resigned shortly after this story)

    And now you know - it is entirely possible for Female Democratic Politicians to go to jail.

    So, who's next?
  2. Dunerunner

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    Don't tease me....

    Sonia Sotomayer?
    Joy Behar?
    Kamala D Harris?
    Elisabeth Warren?
    Hillary Clinton?
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  3. ghrit

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    As a pennsyltuckian, I'm pleased she's no longer in the way. This has gone on entirely too long.
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  4. 3M-TA3

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    NOT HRC, and you can put that one in the bank.
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  5. Ura-Ki

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    All the others lack Three key elements that Kankles has plenty of, MONEY, POWER, INFLUENCE!!!
  6. DKR

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    Not money, not power as you might see it nor influence, per se.

    And oddly, not a peep about this impeachment level scandal during this election cycle. Let me refresh your memories....

    The White House FBI files controversy of the Clinton Administration, often referred to as Filegate, arose in June 1996 around improper access in 1993 and 1994 to Federal Bureau of Investigation security-clearance documents. Craig Livingstone, director of the White House's Office of Personnel Security, improperly requested, and received from the FBI, background reports concerning several hundred individuals without asking permission. (Note, the number has been reported as well over 900)

    The revelations provoked a strong political and press reaction because many of the files covered White House employees from previous Republican administrations, including top presidential advisors. Under criticism, Livingstone resigned from his position. Allegations were made that senior White House figures, including First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, may have requested and read the files for political purposes, and that the First Lady had authorized the hiring of the underqualified Livingstone.

    She and Bill have the dirt on waaay too many folks who don't want to join them in jail.....

    Dirty as Hell then, even dirtier now.
  7. Lone Gunman

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    Now maybe we can get our LTCF (CCW) reciprocity restored with those states Kane went and picked silly quasi-legal arguments with? Good riddance to the Commie/socialist jailbird! (Ten months ain't enough.)
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    For the amount of damage Kane did, and all the many crimes she has committed we aren't made privy to (and I am sure it's a long list), and even for the crimes she was charged and eventually convicted ---her sentence was a complete joke.

    Reminds me of another female Liberal who seems to skate under the radar, bribing and conspiring in secret.
    I am certain the Commie witch hunt (McCarthyism) in the 50's didn't go nearly far enough.
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  9. ghrit

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    And she's out on a measly 75K bail to take care of her teenage sons. I have to wonder how come her husband is so helpless. (She didn't have that much on her when in court for sentencing, poor lady had to spend 6 or 7 hours in the hoosegow until they scared up the money.)
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