Katrina was Catastrophic: FEMA

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    Ok, if it is about 9.0 Billion Dollars worth of Disaster, equivalent to the damage to property done by the Tsunami (not in lives lost), when will the world and the UN start raising money to help us pay for this disaster..........yeah right!

    WASHINGTON - The nation's top disaster relief official said Tuesday that Hurricane Katrina wrought "catastrophic" damage to low-lying portions of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and that additional medical personnel were being moved in to treat evacuated hospital patients.

    With at least one New Orleans hospital threatened by Katrina's floodwaters, patients were being transferred to the Superdome, said Michael Brown, director of the
    Federal Emergency Management Agency, and medical personnel were being sent in to treat them.

    The damage is "very, very sobering," Brown said. "And of course the flooding is just everywhere ... New Orleans, all through Mississippi and Alabama. This storm is really having a catastrophic effect," Brown said on CBS' "The Early Show."

    FEMA sent medical teams, rescue squads and groups prepared to supply food and water into the disaster areas and Brown said it would be "quite a while" before those displaced by the hurricane can return to damaged areas, especially in those areas near downtown New Orleans.

    "It's the parishes and wards south and east of New Orleans, it's Biloxi, Miss., and the region," Brown said on NBC's "Today" show. "All those low-lying areas are just devastated."

    President Bush, meanwhile, was considering tapping U.S. emergency petroleum stockpiles to ease the storm's impact on affected refineries. Administration officials said Bush was expected to authorize a loan of at least some oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    The storm shut down oil and natural gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico, representing about 8 percent of U.S. refining capacity or about 1 million barrels, further driving up gasoline prices.

    Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman said, "Over the next few days, we will continue to gain more information on the specific needs and then be able to make a better determination on how we can help."

    The reserves would be used to provide refineries a temporary supply of crude oil to replace interrupted shipments from tankers or offshore oil platforms affected by the storm.

    The government put into effect a massive emergency assistance program that included rushing baby formula, communications equipment, generators, water and ice into hard-hit areas.

    The president made emergency disaster declarations for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Bush had spoken with the governors of those states "to make sure they were getting what they needed from the federal government."

    In other storm-related developments:

    American Red Cross said it had thousands of volunteers mobilized for the hurricane. It was the "largest single mobilization that we've done for any single natural disaster," spokesman Bradley Hague said. The organization set up operational headquarters in Baton Rouge, La.

    Environmental Protection Agency dispatched emergency crews to Louisiana and Texas because of concern about oil and chemical spills.

    _The Coast Guard closed ports and waterways along the Gulf Coast and positioned craft around the area to conduct post-hurricane search and rescue operations.

    _The Agriculture Department said its Food and Nutrition Service would provide meals and other commodities, such as infant formula, distilled water for babies and emergency food stamps.

    Federal Aviation Administration said airports were closed in New Orleans and Baton Rouge; Biloxi, Miss.; Mobile, Ala.; Pensacola, Fla., and Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

    _The Defense Department dispatched emergency coordinators to Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi to provide communications equipment, search and rescue operations, medical teams and other emergency assistance.

    _The Health and Human Services Department sent 38 doctors and nurses to Jackson, Miss., to be used where needed, and 30 pallets of medical supplies to the region, including first aid materials, sterile gloves and oxygen tanks.

    Some 6,000 National Guard personnel from Louisiana and Mississippi who would otherwise be available to help deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are in

    Even so,
    Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita said the states have adequate National Guard units to handle the hurricane needs. He said about 6,500 National Guard troops were available in Louisiana, about 7,000 in Mississippi, nearly 10,000 in Alabama and about 8,200 in Florida.
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    The VA in Biloxi, Mississippi is going to have to be air evac because the only other option is to boat them out (no way in or out otherwise). The water has already risen to the point where the patients are being fed by the Canteen Services since Food & Nutrition is already flooded (they're down in the basement I believe).

    As I understand it's not much longer before the generators are flooded it's that close. Many of the employees called in have been there since before the hurricane and now have no home to go to when they leave. Just like the last big hurricane in Florida. They went to work when they were called in to help during the emergency only to discover when it was all over there was nothing left at home.

    It's sad for everyone - I'm just hoping we can get all the sick and injured out of there quickly.
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    It is looking likely that I will be vacant from the board for awhile for a mandated vacation to NO. Told to be ready!
  4. TLynn

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    I kind of figured this would probably happen sniper-66. You be careful and good luck!
  5. melbo

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    I was inking the same thing watching NG choppers on rescue missions. Fly Safe S
  6. ghostrider

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    Yeah if they have to air evac 100,000 people, they need all the aircraft they can get, and air traffic controllers to manage the traffic. The biggest problem is going to be logistics. Lakefront, Belle Chasse, everything on that end of town, the inground fuel will be contaminated from the floodwaters. If you have to fly 45 minutes for fuel that limits the time you can transport people.
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    Bring us back a t-shirt.

    That's what I always get from my oldest. Actually back when I was working in New Orleans for a year straight and coming home on weekends, she alwasy wanted me to bring her Mardi Gras beads. I finally found a factory in Slidell that sold them, so I loaded her up with bags and bags of them. I wonder about my friends in NO, I haven't heard anything yet.
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    Well boys and girls, this is the last hoorah. I just got the word this afternoon, I will launch at 0930 for up to three weeks, so I will see you then. Maybe I can bring back some pics for you all. Take care and I will enter the net when I get back. [beer]
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    We'll hold you in our thoughts until you return.
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    Be careful buddy. Tell all them coon-asses down there they are in our thoughts and prayers, as you will be also. If you see any of my friends down there tell em' "come Monday, I expect some red beans and rice."
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    Be careful and watch your six!
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    Get 'er done and make it back well. Check in if you can and let us know how your doin, and will keep a good thought for you.
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    Say hello to melbeaux for me
  14. E.L.

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    And ELbeaux too!
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    Be safe S.I'll keep you in my prayers.
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    Its 0700 and I am heading out the door, later, will check in when I can. [camo]
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    God bless and god speed.

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    Well, the final word came in, going for two weeks as of 1000 tomorrow. I think it is official this time. Later Gators, figuratively only!
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