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    I read the first one....... good/true info.

    Looks like a lot of good reading on the second one, I'll have to get into it after dinner.
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    I read the whole thing last night, I'm on "the list" too I suppose" I have no need to alter any gun I have, they are great just the way they are.
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    The "Colombo Principal" has been around for some time. It is good advice for anyone being questioned about a potential crime. Not all, but some LEO's will use anything you say to try and incriminate you. Trying to "explain" what really happened will many times come back to bite you in the nether region. I had an attorny tell me that a good rule of thumb is;
    "Never write when you can speak, never speak when you can whisper, never whisper when you can nod."

    The "Colombo Principal" is satndard SOP for patriot and militia types. It derives from the case of the asassination of Joe Colombo in NYC. Joe Colombo was the head of the Colombo crime family. His rivals wanted him out of the way and ordered a hit on him. His security was so tight that it was nearly impossible to get to him in a quiet way. It was known that he was going to be present at a large street parade, but there would be thousands of people, a large police presence, and even TV cameras filming the event. His security assumed it would be a pretty safe outing.

    During the parade a man rushed across the street and shot Colombo then ran back into the street. Immediately 5 burly Scicillians tackled him and fell into a heap. Several gunshots were heard and when the Scicillians stood up the asassin lay dead on the ground. The police arrested the 5 men and took them in. They at first assumed that the men spoke no English, or were mutes because they never spoke. After several interpreters of different languages it was apparent that the men simply were refusing to talk. When gunshot residue was found on all 5 of the mens hands they never uttered a word of explanation or denial. It was learned that just minutes prior to attending the parade they were seen unloading sacks of fertilizer at a local greenhouse. Fertilizer is rich in nitrates and can give a false reading for gushot residue.

    The men were held in custody for as long as the law allowed and subjected to every interogation tactic known to law enforcement. Not one man ever uttered a single word. Eventually the cops were forced to release all five due to a total lack of any evidence to prosecute them.

    To this day no one has ever been charged in the Colombo murder or the killing of the asassin, tho both events transpired in front of hundreds of people and TV cameras.

    So the moral of the story is to keep your mouth shut. If "they" have anything on you, let them file charges and then let your lawyer answer the charges in court. Never, ever, give up your right to remain silent!
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    Recently had a conversation with a man that was an detective for a long time (retired) as well as ex-MI and he said something interesting one day, "When we were interrogating a suspect we could make any statements to get information from them however we could never promise anything." [The emphasis was his]

    This is one of those guys who is nice to talk to but you just know something isn't quite right.
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    " I had the RIGHT to remain Silent........But I didn't have the ability..."

    Ron White - Blue Collar Comedy Tour

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    Trained in the "Reid" interviewing technique, its'based on the idea: people have a need to confess). 1)establish rapport ,2) move into their space,3) give the interviewee a chance to confess but "save face":
    (you didn't really mean to kill that looter that would be murder.You are not a murderer., you just wanted him to drop what was going to be your kids' one and only xmas present, he didn't comply and his friend startled you into accidentally pulling the trigger.... if you agree to a spun story, they still got you on the bones of the issue.)

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    [FONT=times new roman,helvetica]Just saw this and thought it fit here:

    You have the right to remain silent....Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you.
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