Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

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    That was the headline which greeted me this morning as I read through the news.
    Medical personnel at border camps housing those illegal alien children have been warned not to talk about conditions at those camps, specifically the medical conditions of the children.

    Well someone decided to speak out, here is the story.
    Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest | Fox News

    What is especially concerning are the so called "Brown Shirts" employed by Baptist Family & Children’s Services of Columbia, MD.
    Just who are they really.
    A quick internet search brings up their web page Baptist Family & Children’s Services | Material Assistance | Transitional Housing | Therapeutic Foster Care | Safe Families | Columbia
    The site looks quite benign and it doesn't tell you much except they care for children, etc.

    Still, why has a "Christian" non-profit organization been contracted to provide security at these sites.

    Something smells rotten in Denmark.
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    And I wish they'd quit using the term "illegal immigrants". It's an oxymoron. Immigration is a legal act. You can't immigrate illegally. They are illegal aliens pure and simple.
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    Yes, I posted this story to the shoutbox yesterday. Truly disgusting. Lice, scabes, fleas, and they are being flown in. Think of that closed inviroment in the plane, and the next people in that plane.....that could be very bad. :(
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    It really is, and the Lice, scabes, fleas are just the tip of the iceberg.

    If I were a commercial airline operator I think I would refuse to haul them. Think of the cost to fumigate and disinfect a 737, and possible civil action against the airline from passengers who became infested or ill.
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    I doubt they were even told.
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    Don't forget drug resistant TB, always a delight. The cases in Amarillo have tripled already from last year... just from one middle school in the barrio.
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    Dengue fever, Hemorrhagic Fever are what should be the real concern, Lice etc... can be treated rather quickly, but Dengue Fever cases are out of control all over South America, as well as Chikunguna Virus which is an un-treatable disease comparable with Ebola, it is a Hemorrhagic Virus.
    check out this link!
    Cases already showing up in the US!!
    Global Incident Map Displaying Outbreaks Of All Varieties Of Diseases
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    I notice their Facebook page has been removed. They must be getting waaaay too much love.

    Baptist Family and Children's Services was founded in 1920 by a group of Baptist laypeople led by Mr. Willoughby McCormick. Earlier in his life, Mr. McCormick founded the spice company that bears his name and is a large corporate presence in the Baltimore area.
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    Maybe it's under a different name DKR.
    Here is something from their website.
    Debbie's Blog

    BFCS to Expand
    Posted on 11/07/2013
    You may have seen the recent article in BaptistLife, the newspaper of the Baptist Convention of Maryland / Delaware, regarding the BFCS Trustees' request for a "change in status as an Agency of BCM/D to an independent, faith-based nonprofit with its own 501(c)(3) status." As we expand beyond denominational lines, it is important for our donors, volunteers, service providers, and other stakeholders to know that this transition would provide a context in which our agency, local churches, and ecumenical associations engage cooperatively in addressing the challenges of today's family. And while all organizations change incrementally over time -- adapting to the environment in which they operate -- much of our work would remain the same. The focus would remain: family stability with continued services offered through the Good Samaritan Network including Safe Families for Children; and CHOSEN Treatment Foster Care. We would remain a Christian nonprofit organization, true to its founding principles. We would continue to honor our history as a Baptist entity with a defined Baptist heritage. The Board of Trustees would continue to be made up of a majority from Baptist churches and the Executive Director would continue to be a professing Christian with a strong faith commitment. BFCS would continue a commitment to and a strong working relationship with BCM/D and its member churches. So, "What would change?" Here are a few things that are anticipated to change: Nomination and election of BFCS trustees would cease to be a BCM/D function, but would be an internal process. BFCS would develop a more ecumenical approach to ministry by expanding services to and through evangelical churches. In order to apply for an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, a change in name is required. Our new name would be: Building Families for Children (BFC)...serving out of love, faith & community. Please pray along with us that, as "we expand services and move forward under God's direction, the arms of Jesus will continue to touch lives and reach souls in distress."
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    Ever consider the kids represent a biological weapon?:(
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    Not unless they came from a Middle Eastern or Southwest Asian country.
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    No, they could come from anywhere, and simply have contact with a carrier with bad intentions. That would be much simpler, and use a flow that would be coming here anyways.
    Contact could be made outside the US, and by the time anyone knew they were sick it would be wide spread, and moving fast.
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    Xenophobia used to trouble me and so did the many problems with illegal aliens until I started to put it into perspective. I first started feeling this animosity during the Cuban invasion of South Florida. Then I realized that most of the Cubano I knew were hard working people just trying to make the best of a really shitty life. I saw a calculation that the Late Carl Sagan had done giving every man, woman, and child, a generous three square feet to stand in side by side and geometrically, they only occupied an area approximately the same size as Jacksonville, Florida...a dot on the map. So I looked at spreading the entire population of Cuba across the State of Montana mathematically and it became apparent that they couldn't even land a rifle shot from a .30-06 in their nearest neighbors back yard. I have become a full-blown supporter of the Great Social Tit (GST for short). Let's invite the whole population of Mexico up here, hell I'll hire a few of them to cut my grass. "Yo te lo pagaré a cortarme el césped" the ones that don't work, and there are fewer of them that will not work than there are Citizens here that will not work, bull their way right up to that big old free stuff Tit and feed until they burst! We will never be able to defeat this great social order as long as enough of us keep working and paying taxes to support it. Quit your job! Go on Welfare! Bleed this puppy dry and they have to start over with something that will work or leave us the hell alone.
    Mi hierba es muy larga y yo soy demasiado perezoso para cortarlo
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    Davey Crockett and Jim Bowe are at the Alamo when a large number of Mexicans rapidly approached. Davey turns and asks Jim, "Hey, are we having some landscaping done?"

    I'm sorry. My brother-in-law has a landscaping business, I couldn't resist.
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    I had this in a recent Alan Korwin Newsletter.

    The lamestream media told you:
    A completely unexpected surge of unaccompanied children from central America is flooding the U.S.-Mexican border and creating havoc in Texas and Arizona. This story is isn't airing so much outside of the effected border states, surprisingly enough. The border, as government has assured you is secure, but despite this, The Border Patrol can't keep them out. Responding to public and congressional demands, the agency plans to hire 2,000 more agents to supplement the 23,775 it now has.
    It remained unclear why three out of six Central American countries sent their
    unescorted children to the United States all at once, but it's only unclear to the
    U.S. public. Somebody knows exactly what's going on, they're not telling, and
    the lamestream media is doing no reporting, just shoveling the narrative without
    details or explanation.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
    We have satellites that can read a license plate from outer space. Now the Associated Press and our government wants you to believe 70,000 unaccompanied children have traveled or soon will cover 1,000 miles to America and it was unexpected. They are lying to your face.

    They want you to believe that our Ambassadors and the entire staffs in those small countries didn't see the same television shows in April telling those people constantly that they could now leave for America and be granted access, asylum and citizenship; they didn't see people abandoning their homes and boarding trains and buses, and that they arrived here unexpectedly. They didn't see countless children suddenly missing from homes and small towns. They are lying to you. The "news" media is promoting their lies. The "news" media is a blatant lying propaganda arm of the government perpetrating this scam, and I don't say that lightly.

    The Border Patrol, that you were told has secured our border so it is as safe as it has ever been according to the person occupying the White House and former security chief Janet Napolitano -- is incapable of keeping out unaccompanied six-year-old children. They are lying to your face. They are insulting you.
    Why on Earth would vice president uncle Joe Biden have traveled to visit the leaders of the three main perpetrator countries of this travesty now -- now that the damage is done and well underway, with the media reporting on his charade? Why didn't he do this when the campaign was in the planning stages and the TV shows promoting it starting airing months ago, or when the first trainloads started heading north? Because this is all part of the dog and pony show and campaign of deceit and lies you are supposed to swallow.

    We need a Chris Simcox to stand up and call for civilians to go to the border and do what the Border Patrol, with tens of thousands of agents you are paying for, is incapable of doing -- or has been ordered by Mr. Obama or his minions not to do -- repel invaders.

    Despite claims about violence in the U.S., the source of the unaccompanied children are said to have the highest murder rates in the world (despite extremely strict gun laws), and for all we know, we might soon hear the violence is the result of unauthorized low-budget muslim videos and guns smuggled in by BATFE. There are six small countries down there, why are Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama left out?

    What we're seeing, and what's really going on, are not related to each other.
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    Hmmmm, OK....then where is flight 370?
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    The original Foxnews article that was linked put this note at the bottom:
    Now the link above for the job to escort Unaccompanied Alien Children is not right. I clicked the docs and scribble came up. As for the commercials that were run in Central America, has anyone seen them? I cannot believe that a copy of the commercials has not surfaced. I haven't seen any Spanish broadcast stating for people to head North.

    All I can ask myself is why. Why is this happening? Lice, scabies and fleas while unpleasant are not life threatening. @ditch witch is right to mention TB because that is something to be concerned about.

    As @Minuteman said- "What we're seeing, and what's really going on, are not related to each other."
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    Thanks for the update on BCFS
    The link works fine for me.
    If there were real news organizations out there you're right, a copy of the ad's might show up.
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