Keith Ratliff (FPSRussia) Found dead!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Makes me wonder if we now have a price on our head.
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    Continuation of FPS troubles.
    FPSRussia Home Raided by ATF -
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    I thought that was the oddest statement. They obviously think FPS makes his money doing other things.

    Other reports are saying 40 agents were there for the raid plus locals.
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    If I was that fellow, I would get the BIGGEST Shister Lawyer, and be finding the Federal Majistrate that signed the Search Warrant. Then I would be suing his A$$, along with the ATF Agent who swore Under Oath that there was Probuble Cause, to issue the Warrant, in the first Place. If that Agent embellished ANYTHING, in the Warrant, his career is OVER, and that Magisrate would likely NEVER intertain anothe Submission from ATF.... Thet do NOT like getting BURNED ON BS Warrants, one little bit...
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    Yeah, this stinks. They waited till Kyle was on vacation to raid the place. From what I have read FPS co. offered the feds all their records the month before. The ATS is IMO just harassing gun owners.
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    I just did a Google search on his death, and I loved the 'professional' journalism I saw with a few reports labeling him as a 'gun nut' or just plain 'nutty'. Translation: He believed in his rights, therefore he HAS to be crazy.
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    How about claim it as "public entertainment" and claim the monies received only cover production expenses? I wonder how Hollyweird gets around blowing shit up for money, other than contributing to the campaigns of left-wing pols?
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    The money thing is only an issue IF, the fellow doesn't have a Federal Explosives User Permit.... If he does, it isn't an Issue....
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    He always made sure all permits were in order and even hired folks who were licensed to be involved to cover everything, so...these .GOV hacks are hoping to get him on something else and walk away without getting in trouble if they are wrong because we all know .GOV doesn't have to pay for their mistakes. It's just a strong arm tactic we will continue to see more and more of with tyranny. Take them to court, spend tens of thousands of dollars and spend years waiting if you have the assets to do so. The .GOV knows full well most folks can't do that, so they use criminal tactics, often bullying people and using militarized police to use force, hoping anything will set them off in the process. We all know how crazy police are today, sneeze out of turn and they shoot you or pulverize your face and throw you in a cell. Oh well, the police don't mind a paid vacation for killing you.

    Legalized mafia.
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    Sums it up for me.
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