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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by fedorthedog, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. fedorthedog

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    Has anyone used either of the new Kel Tec 9mm or 40 cal carbines. If so what was the result.The 9mm seems like it would work well for the wife's BOB.
  2. dystopia

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    Had a kel tec sub 2000 9mm, seemed like the blowback ( recoil ) was kind of harsh, maybe due to the bolt must have weighed 1/2 lb.
  3. Seawolf1090

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    A buddy has the Sub2000 - he and I both much prefer our Hi-Point Carbines, as the ergonomics and sights of the Sub2000 are miserable. For a backpack or MC-compatible hide-out gun, it's folding capability just barely makes it worthwhile - but it REQUIRES optical sights, which will negate the folding.

    Performancewise, it shoots anything we feed it, no stoppages or hiccups of any kind. Accuracy is acceptable to 50 yards - we were on the 'short side' of the local range and did not try it out to 100 yards. But getting a comfortable hold..... "faggitaboutit......." Not with my "Grayback Gorrilla" arms, and even Keith (short little guy that he is) found the fit poor.

    This is one of those guns that some folks love, some folks hate.... no in-between.
  4. ISplatU

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    I own a Sub 2000 in 9mm. I like it a lot for its roll. It is a on the go gun for me, in my vehicles. I bought a double pistol bag from cheaper than dirt, that it stays in with mag holders, fits just right, and it does not look like I have a rifle with me.

    It is true that the recoil is a bit heavy. Not a gun you want to shoot all day. It is accurate enough, and will do the job.
  5. Cephus

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    The wife has a Hi-point .45 ACP and she can shoot it all day without to it getting to her.

  6. tommyboy4090

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    I have a beretta cx4 carbine in 9mm and love it. Very nice and very accurate. Recoil is barely noticeable to me. I tried the sub 2000s before and me being a lefty seemed a bit of a safety hazard for me was fairly accurate though. I have owned hipoint carbines before and they are great but i don't think any would compare to my beretta carbine. I like that i can use same mags in carbine and carry pistol as well.
  7. Wolfgang2000

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    I have a Marlin Camp, that has been modified to take Glock mags. I also have a Kel-Tec sub 2000 in 9mm Glock.

    The Marlin was good in the 90's, and I believe it's a good suburban gun. But since I moved to the country it has stayed in the safe. My wife likes it, and claims it as hers.

    I've recently (6 month ago) bought a Kel-Tec sub. It's niche is it's compact folded size. Folded it's 16"x6". That allows carry in a bunch of different types cases. It's light, fairly accurate, and I don't find the recoil much at all.

    Though the longer barrel give you a little extra FPS, a rifle round it is not. The extra length does give you a longer effect range. 80 to 100 yards as compared to 25 to 50 yards for the normal 9mm handgun.

    Again it's niche is it's compact size. Also I have carbine for every one of my handgun rounds except 32 ACP. All I can say it they are fun to shoot.
  8. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    I have a couple of Sub2Ks in 9mm Glock...they are the most pure fun guns I have.

    Accuracy is great to about 100 yards and they have about the same "knockdown power" as a .357. One of mine lives by the bed, the other in a backpack in my truck with 3 33 rd mags.

    I tried the Hi Point Planet of The Apes carbine, but liked the feel, accuracy, capacity and folding capability of the S2K.

  9. Sky Pilot

    Sky Pilot Monkey

    I have a 9-mil in the barretta conf. I love it!
    I noticed seawolf190 said it needs optics and that negates the fold-up!
    There is a company that specializes in tricking out the sub!
    You can change the forearm, and mount optics, laser and a lite on it and it still folds!
    here is a vid you can watch! It's on you tube!
    Another Awesome Kel Tec Sub 2000 Upgrade: Red Lion Indexing Rail - YouTube

    I have talked to one of their techs and the change is no big deal!
    You have to remove the front site with a heat gun!
    When you call ask for Travis!
    here' their fone number!
  10. oldawg

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    This is apples and oranges I know, but I finally decided that just carrying my ar broken down in my BOB worked best.I have two 995TS hi points but they aren't take down friendly and I just prefer 5.56 over 9mm.Not that much weight difference either. Wanted the Kel Tec but availability of gun and funds just never intersected. I do see both advantage and disadvantage to common caliber of both long and short arm but since my side arm has always been 45acp I think having 5.56 for the rifle is my best choice. My ar is a basic A1 clone except that I use reflex sights to appease 65 yo eyes. JMO and sure this system wouldn't please all.
  11. oth47

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    I have the sub2000 in .40 caliber Beretta magazine.It holds 10 rounds and I have yet to empty a mag without a ftf or fte.The best it's done is 9 shots in a row and has only done that twice.Had I found the Keltek owners forum and read about the problems with this gun I would not have bought it.I don't think you could give me another Keltek.
  12. oth47

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    I'm forced to eat my words..after cursing this carbine and mentally consigning Keltec weapons,management and employees to the deepest darkest corner of the worst place you can imagine,along with whatever subsidiaries and affiliates they might have,the gun has settled down and begun performing like it's supposed to.Last time I had it out it went thru 150 rounds with only 2 hiccups.One was a dud bullet that made 3 trips thru the mag and wouldn't fire and the last empty got caught while being ejected.I can deal with that.I had the thought of trying to trade it for the same gun in 9mm since I came up with 2 9mm pistols but I may just keep it.[​IMG]
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