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    ok, who owns one of the various Kel-Tech weapons? Which do you have, how do you like em so far?
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    I've got the Kel-Tec P32... 32 ACP.. Small.. Very small.. A lot of plastic.. But I've had it for 4 years and have not had a problem yet.. I've only put about 500 rounds through the pipe.. I bought it for a backup, wear it in an ankle holster, sometimes in my pocket.. Light, small, reliable.. I give it a thumbs up...
  3. Pax Mentis

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    I've got a couple of Sub2000s.

    Great little guns. Accurate out to 100-150 yds (personally, with a 9mm, even with a 16" barrel, I stick to <100yds), light weight...and folds to fit in a laptop case along with a bunch of 33 rd mags. The lifetime warranty is great too...but I have never had to use it, so can't say how eficient waranty service is.

    The main reason I have 2 is because my first one quickly became my wife's...

    When people are over playing on the range, the hardest weapon to get your hands on is one of the Sub2Ks...
  4. Alpha Dog

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    I've got one of the Kel-Tech P32 and one of the sub2000's in the 9mm. The P32 is ok just small for my hands I keep it in the desk just incase. Now the sub2000 9mm I love fun to shoot mine takes the glock mags never any problem. I keep it 5 mags and about 500 rounds in my vehicle emergency kit. It folds down and makes it easy to store. I want to try out the 12ga Kel-Tech and the 5.56
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    I have a P32 and have sold a bunch for the local dealers. I have had the only problem a frame failure where the main spring attached. They fixed with no problems and gun works great. Carry it as a back up at work
  6. Jaybird

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    I have a P11 9mm. The only problem I have is the stiff trigger pull. Never would loosen up.
  7. Seawolf1090

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    My wife and I have Kel-Tec 32's as bugs. Mine has a serial # under 5000. In 2006 mine had to go back for a broken trigger bar. It's my understanding that in the original run they were plastic, but were up graded to steal later. Other than that no issues.

    I also have a Kel-Tec sub 2000 in 9MM. I haven't shot it a lot, but what I have shot has been fun and with no issues.

    I would love to have one of their RFB's. Just don't have the $$$$. So I'm stuck with my FAL.
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  9. Pax Mentis

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    Well...actually belonging to the group he asked, I disagree with your assessment.

    One is tempted to be as arrogant and nasty in response as you are in your post (unusually so for you...I have found you normally respectful of others), but I am just in too good of a mood today...

    Hope you feel better.
  10. Idahoser

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    there are whole forums dedicated to the Kel-Tec guns. That's where you want to go to learn how to 'finish' your gun, it doens't come that way (that's kind of a joke, but it's also kind of true)

    I have P3ATs and a 9mm Glock-mag Sub-2000. I had and got rid of a P40, the 'modified' P11 made to shoot .40 instead of 9mm. I really want a PF9 now.

    The P3AT trigger was a big change (improvement) from the earlier P11. The PF9 has the P3AT type trigger.

    My P40 was a real handful, I called myself being okay with it... until it broke the lug off the barrel when I was shooting it. I feel pretty sure a bullet had gotten set back in the case and pressure went way too high. I don't want another one of those. I got the parts replaced that had broken and then I sold it. I think I'd be happier with a P11 and I'm really looking forward to getting a PF9 one day.

    The Sub trigger stinks, but it's worth it for what all else is cool about it.

    These pistols were the original tiny .380 and 9mm. Ruger and several others are selling copies of the Kel-Tec, I'd rather have the KT than any of them. So what if I need to shoot it a lot and smooth a part here or there. I learn more about it that way and gain confidence in it.

    I used to say the P3AT was the only spectacularly small true 'pocket pistol' in a legitimate defense caliber; and it was just a side-benefit that it was so inexpensive. Now that there are copies it's not the 'only' anymore, but it is still the original and (this is certainly subjective) best.
  11. fishpicker

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    I've had the P-11 9mm for about ten years and although I don't shoot it a lot when I have it's been very accurate for such a small pistol.
    Seems to work with any factory or hand loads I give it.
    Easy to carry and easy to maintain.
    Good value.
  12. GrandpaDave

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    Take it from a retired Gunsmith... all Kel-Tech are natorious for having flimsy sights... if you get one... replace it..

    BTW I still love my Ruger P944
    now there is a real machine
  13. fishpicker

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    Really? The rear seems stout enough.
    Do you mean the front site?
    I'm sure you've seen way more then I have so interested in your input.
  14. Resqdan

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    I have a sub2000 chambered in .40 s&w using glock mags. the thing shoots great and would not be scared to engage targets at 100yds with it.. I love the way it folds up and protects the sites when folded, the folding aides in cleaning too.. I recently purchased some after market 31 round mags... they worked flawlessly through this gun.. i loaded and rapid fired each mag and than loaded again and slow fired (3-5 sec between shots) not one misfire.. I truly love this gun.. and will probably have it near by in an emergency.. it goes with when traveling in the car and i always have a big mag loaded in it sitting in my closet gun safe ready to go..

    Downfalls are some ergonomics.. its a little different to aquire the sites but once you get use to it not a big deal.. the shooting i talked about above.. at 40 yrds i shot a group no bigger than 3.5 inches.. that includes the rapid fire.. I started out with Hi Point in 9mm thinking this was going to be the carbine rifle in a pistol round for me.. since then i have made the decision to go with mainly .40.. anyway i had two HiPoints one shoots great, the other jams all the time unless you keep pressure pushing the mags into the well at all tiimes.. not a big deal if you know.. but if you forget in an emergency jam city.. not good.. so when i was looking for a carbine in .40 i decided to go with kel-tec to see how they worked.. and i love it.. I have had a 9mm Hi Point pistol also and i could not get that to fire more than 2 rounds with out jamming so that has kind of turned me off of them..

    I may try a baretta in the future .. but thy thing that brought me to the kel-tec is that if folds down to such a small size.. my brother bought a Henry survival .22 for his b.o.b. and i think it takes up more room than my can have good fire power in a small bag ready to engage targets at 100 yds.. plus with the glock mags i requested it be fitted with.. you can use any .40s&w mag that fits in the well.. thats a plus

    so do i recommend them.. i sure do.. i plan on getting another chambered the same way in the near future..
  15. bushrat

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    I consider myself the proud owner of a Kel-Tec PF-9. The grip is a little short for my hand so I prefer the mag extension. It is well built, and fairly accurate pistol if you do your part, and I've never had a ftf or fte out of about 500 rnds. Because of size the full house 9mm loads can be a bit stiff recoil wise, but manageable. I do admit to using Federal's 105 gr load which helps minimize felt recoil somewhat for faster return of sights on target. I like the sights. They seem pretty solid and fairly easy to acquire and have the white 3-dot system. I have no problem recommending this pistol to anyone for concealed carry.
  16. Seawolf1090

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  17. Pax Mentis

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    Whatever, I guess I had you confused with someone else when I thought I normally found you respectful of others...

    "Nasty" really was a poor choice of words..."obnoxious" just sounded so negative.

    I hope you feel better anyway...really.

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  18. GrandpaDave

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    yeah normally the front sites will snap off if they receive moderate pressure... good little guns... sucky sights...
  19. bad_karma00

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    I own a SUB2000 in .40. I consider it my little BOB carbine. So far I've had zero problems with it, and it's accuracy surprised me a good bit.

    I'd recommend it to someone looking for a good BOB carbine, for sure. It's not a .308, but I've yet to see one I could put in my BOB.

    I also carry the Glock in .40, so the KT was a plus for me on that end.
  20. Pax Mentis

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    The original front sight on the Sub2K is terrible..but there are after-market sights used by many. Mine just has a red dot on a door hinge mount (to let it fold and still not lose zero)...problem solved.

    Some people replace the sight with either a Hi Point carbine sight or an AR sight.
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