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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by kansasrebel, Aug 29, 2009.

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    I seem to remember reading in American Survival Guide that you could take Kelp tablets for radiation exposure. I think they said that the kelp would absorb the radiation and pass it through the body. Am I correct? I keep hearing things about Israel hitting Irans nuclear program. I do have potassium iodate tablets also.
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    If it ever came down to having to worry about that, I would make certain that I had at least one bullet left.

    Most people outside a few hundred miles of the epicenter usually will have sickness with very few deaths, without treatment. If there is extended exposure to fallout radiation, however, the fatality rate goes up dramatically.

    The Iodide tablets will flush your thyroid, keeping the initial sickness at bay, but it won't save your life in heavy radiation and where exposure is extended.
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    I was more concerned with the fallout. I don't think we have to worry about a blast around here. Just the dust carried by the wind.
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    Yeah, I apologize for completely ignoring your kelp question.

    I honestly have no clue about what kelp may do for radiation sickness.
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    I believe, but do not know, that kelp is high in iodine, therefore will saturate the thyroid with non-radioactive isotopes and lessen the uptake of the radioactive isotope of iodine that is inherent in fallout. Not an immunity, by any means, but may be helpful. Probably not nearly as useful as iodine tabs. And, of course, does nothing for any other particulates in fallout.
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