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    I haven't used them before and would lime to have a separate one from the bag that I carry my school books in when I go for hikes and such. Has anyone used one? Which one do you prefer? My Alice pack is a little uncomfortable. Target has some for $50, not sure which though...
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    My Kelty is my EDC bag - low profile enough to blend into the masses but merc enough that I can carry everything I need and a little extra on any given day.
  4. Look at the Kelty MAP line. Amron Inernational is a good place to buy. Mil spec and comes in earth tones. Stay away from Condor.
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    Only Kelty I have used was my pops old 1'st gen internal backpacking ruck, it worked but not as well as the packs I have owned since. I think the best thing you could do is take all the gear you want to carry in it to the store and load it in the ruck and pack it around for a while. You may look odd but it is well worth it in the long run.
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    Uh.... guys, bear with me ( I'm an old fart!)
    What the heck is a kelty?
    Much less an EDC?
    I'm still back in the late 60's and early 70's era of things that WERE Mil Spec, way back, when men were men, and so were the women!
    ( no offfense meant to the ladies here!)
    It took me awhile to learn what ACU and BDU meant!
    Then you guys go and throw something called an ALICE pack at me....
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    Kelty is just a brand name of outdoor gear they make packs, tents, sleeping bags and such. EDC is everyday carry I'm thinking kinda like a BOB.
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    Ahhh...ok, that helps! Thanks!
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