Kentucky family arrested and children taken because of homeschooling/off grid lifestyle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matteo10572, May 8, 2015.

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  2. Hanzo

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    That is totally messed up! Hope that family sues the city and state and get lots of money.

    The folks that turned them in too. They really should mind their our narrow minded business.
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  3. BTPost

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    They need to get themselves the Meanest, Nastiest, LawDog they can find, and Haul that Sheriff, AND the Arresting Deputies into, First the nearest Court, or Court that issued the Arrest Warrant, and explain to the Judge, why the children were removed, and under EXACTLY what State Statue that gave them the Probable Cause. Then if they get No Satisfaction there, head to Federal District Court, and file a Civil Rights Case, against the Sheriff, Deputies, County, and State, for Kidnapping..... and 4th and 5th Amendment Violations.... Where is @F. Ticious when we need him.....
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  4. ghrit

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    No need for an investigation before acting, eh, Sheriff? "Messed up" is the understatement of the month. All the same, there's a back story waiting on exposure, tho' I doubt it will affect anything.
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  5. ditch witch

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    The comments are interesting. One claims the issue stems from the family not having running water and hauling it in from a neighbor. The neighbor decided he didn't want to keep doing that deal so he said no more. Supposedly the husband pulled a gun on him over it.

    Who knows.
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  6. Clyde

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    1) We need to have a riot and burn down Louisville and put on our Guy mask.

    2) Send the sheriff a picture of one of his close family members in the crosshairs (just don't have it mounted to a gun when you take the picture :)). I think a powerful message would delivered when the picture was held in his/her hand.

  7. BTPost

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    I think that could be construed to be "Intimidation of a Law Enforcement Office" in the state of Kentucky....
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  8. Airtime

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    There is a Cabela's store in Louisville... Maybe the locals should riot and loot the place to express their anger and to seek justice!
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  9. Mike

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    Tell them to wait till I get there. Need some new stuff
  10. Clyde

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    I was thinking about the liquor stores and beer outlets.
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  11. kellory

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    Think away...I'll be looting Cabela's, and bass pro, maybe a little field and stream....[sarc1]
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  12. madmax

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    Not even commenting. Grrrrrrrr.
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    I do need some more Crown Royal come to think of it.
  14. VHestin

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    That family had the nerve to refuse to be dependent on the government? Shame on them![sarc2]
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  15. Seacowboys

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    But it's for the Children! How can they possibly grow up to be subservient sheeple, if they are not allowed proper indoctrination? The dangers of allowing people to raise their children in this manner are a THREAT to all that our government stands for! They are the worst kind of terrorists! All efforts at independence must be dealt with swiftly and harshly.
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  16. -06

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    Was reading the comments way down---seems they have moved numerous times to avoid prosecution/etc. They were living in a three sided lean-to type construction in the winter. Evidently the report fails to mention all the details. The "home schooling" is not actually school (three Rs/etc) but a learning experience per kid's directions. I do not agree with taking the kids only wish that they have adequate housing and a recognized home school program that will prepare them for success in life's challenges.
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  17. Mike

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    While I agree with a recognized home school program I am not pro-public schooling as they teach government mandated crap that readies the kids to be slaves to the establishment. I know you didn't mean that in your comments, -06, just my input.
  18. BTPost

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    The Back Story in this case, seems to show that the children, MAY not have had a Home School System, that taught them sufficiently to Keep Pace with their Peers, in the local area. That is an Actionable Cause, for CPS to Act, if sufficient FACTUAL Evidence was presented to a Court, in Affidavits for a Warrant. It also seems to show that their Living Conditions MAY not have been sufficient to allow for a functional Family Life. That also could be Actionable Probable Cause. This is EXACTLY why they need to get a LawDog involved, for the Family, to Prove to a Court, that the LEOs DID have Actionable Probable Cause to take the Actions they did... If there was Actionable Probable Cause, then the Parents brought this on themselves, If NOT, then The Families Civil Rights were violated and the LEOs are in BIG Trouble.... Leave t to the Judge to decide, after hearing ALL the FACTS, and not just Innuendoes, and Hearsay Evidence...
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  20. ghrit

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    No, nuts he ain't. Sarcastic, well, now and then, YES.
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