Kerosene heater question

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Tully Mars, Jan 8, 2015.

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    Here is a better site
    Kerosene Heaters
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    Any thing that has a live flame will have residue , the only thing that is protected is forced air heating where the burning chamber is isolated from the air in the house.
    With every form of fuel heating there are risks and the need for fresh air ,both for those living inside and the heater it's self.
    I have used salamander heaters that are for heating open garages and they give off residue ,so in a closed shop I run the heater till the equipment is warmed up, and then shut down, and the room quickly aired out and then closed up and let the heat from the warmed equipment radiate in the room. Depending on how the room is insulated and the density of equipment and how cold it is out side, It seems to work out pretty well.
    Small diesel/kerosene heaters though are not for closed environments IMO. Take too long to warm up the equipment.
    Think of your heater as a living thing that uses air too, lot's of it.
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    I have been using Jet A fuel in myyna-Glo kerosene heater D for three years. It works beautifully.

    According to my research, Jet A fuel is identical to K-1 kerosene (aka 1-K kerosene) except that Jet A fuel contains a tiny amount of some kind of fragrant substance.

    I buy the Jet A fuel at our local airport. I just show up with some blue 5-gallon cans, and they pump it into the cans for me. The price I pay at the airport is much lower than what I'd pay for K-1 kerosene at a retailer such as Lowe's or Walmart.

    If you're going to buy Jet A fuel, be sure to tell the people you're buying it from that you need it WITHOUT ADDITIVES. It's my understanding that the various additives airport personnel put into the Jet A fuel will cause a kerosene heater to smoke a lot.
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    The only difference between JetA50 and #1 Diesel/StoveOil/Home Heating Oil is the FAA Requires that JetA50 be filtered to the FAA Specs.... They ALL come from the same Tank, at the Fuel Distributer. I know this because I AM a Fuel Distributer for my AoO....
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    Well this is good info here. I use a good bit of kerosene throughout the winter's. And I have a small airport a few miles up the road , i think I'll stop in and see if I can get some fuel from them. Out of curiosity,, what is the standard fuel for the smaller single engine planes ??
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    Piston or turbine?
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    Remember the color of the fuel and why!
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    Probably Piston ,, they may have a few turbines there , or flying thru.
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    There are two Standard Aviation Grades of Gasoline 80/87 Regular and 100/110Low Lead Premium
    And JetA50 Kerosene #1Diesel/StoveOil. at my AO, we only stock Regular Gasoline and #1Diesel for Aircraft and you have to supply your own Filtering...
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    actually a coffee can on the outside around the globe is better - cut the can ends out and cut away as much of the can as needed to make a slot >>>> keep it whole if you ever want just the lantern heat without the light ....
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    We took an aluminum pie plate and put it between the wall and the lamp and it strengthened the light in the room.
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    Flounder gigging, That's the reason behind our forward looking lamp until you hit a stingray, Man those get really wild when you poke or step on one !
    That could be a Bishop on the coast video?
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    heating a small space with an Aladdin lamp (you can skip the first 1/2)

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