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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by ghrit, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Irene showed me a hole in my preps that will be best plugged with a kerosene fired burner for cooking. Does not need to be particularly portable since it will be used only at home in the event of storm (or similar) related situations. Two burner a plus, multifuel another plus, but kero is bottom line 'cause I stock it for other reasons and don't need another fuel type to store. Anyone have any experience to guide my purchase? The MSR multifuel is the general idea if it comes a bit heavier duty and less tippy.


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    We use a Dickinson Marine - Quality Marine Heaters and Stoves Since 1932 Stove for Cabin heat, cooking, and Domestic Hot Water, here. They build them with either Diesel #1 or #2 metered Carburetors, and they are interchangeable. Mostly these are used in small commercial fishing vessels, as primary Cabin Heat and Cooking.
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    We have a kitchen sized 4 burner, a room sized one burner, and ovens to sit on them. Our primary heat/light/cooking is with Propane if needed. Have a "salamander" type kero fired space heater but it requires electricity to power the blower and ignition. Wood is a good way to go to heat cheaply and effectively. We have several kero lamps and a couple storm laterns for outside use even in the rain/wind. Dietz makes a fine lamp and is an old company.
    Thanks for the link about the stoves. If you have an RV/camper repair shop nearby be sure to check with them for used heaters/refridgerators that use Propane and even some kero.
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    My personal favorite is the MSR Dragonfly it is a great multi fuel stove with true simmer properties, before that I used and still own a MSR Whisperlight International. That stove has been with me for almost 15 years and still runs great it has advantages over the regular Whisperlight in that you can use kerosine in it. The only reason is was replaced with the Dragonfly is the Dragonfly makes cooking sensitive dishes a lot easier with it's better flame control. I am a huge fan of MSR equipment and have abused it for years

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    Thanks, Prometheus. I had been looking at the whisperlite with a jaundiced eye and didn't see the dragonfly. With all the poking around I've done, there seems to be nothing between the dragonfly and the much bigger things designed for cabins and the like. If nothing else shows up in the next little while, I'll start looking for a dragonfly price that beats 130 USD plus shipping.
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    #10 tin can with a couple holes in the bottom
    small pieces of wood or charcoal and a grate over
    also works well with corncobs or sawdust soaked in kerosene
    and ive even used those tuna fish can and cardboard candles
    havent gotten around to it yet but been thinking of tryin to run it with
    sawdust soaked in lard or fat
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    Just saw this... if you haven't filled this "hole"... here's another suggestion...
    Coleman 550 Exponent... or same model Peak 1
    Can burn unleaded but comes with the Kerosene Generator... nice to be able to do both...
    Was the issue stove (might still be) for our military recently...
    Much cheaper and built like a rock... let me know if you can't find one....
    Hope that helps...
  10. ghrit

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    It apparently is no longer made, the Coleman site lists a dual fuel stove, but isn't for kero. Seems like they can be found at various outlets, will have to poke around a bit. Thanx for the tip, I've been putting off the buy pending another expense.

    Going to check Peak's home page next.
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  11. Bear

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    Yup... funny how that works... the good stuff is discontinued and most often replaced with inferior quality stuff...
    A lot of the Swiss stuff from SVEA and Optimus are good examples... love my SVEA 123's and NOVA (burns Kero and just about anything else)... but only if they were Swiss Made :0)

    Check your pms....
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    anything kerosene ...... check with Mike Stairs at the Wick Shop .... he's the guru .....
  14. ghrit

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    Never considered a wick type. Food for thought ---
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    That was the first link above in my 1st post.
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    Ditto my PM to ghrit. The old boys mind must be slipping....? ..... or it's a fresh batch of applejack he might be sippin'.....
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    Yeesh. I didn't say I never heard of them, simply that I hadn't considered them. Am rethinking, but I'm still leaning toward a pressurized stove. What I need now is a user's input.
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  19. ghrit

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    Optimus Nova arrived today. Product review forthcoming.

    ETA, opened the box. I did NOT know that fuel bottles are sold separately. MAJOR grumble.
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    I have one question:
    How do you keep kerosene from going bad?
    I had a 5 gallon container and it went south really fast, but then I am in Phoenix too! It was in the dark area of a large patio and kept as cool as I could keep it. We have had the same with gas, even though it was treated!
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