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    Actually I am looking for a little help or advice here. I am familiar with the fact that in areas of Appalachia here in the USA and overseas in the Phillipines these type of kerosene cooking burner/stoves are popular and commonly used every day. My feeling is it is an alternative to propane which may become very difficult to get, and yet safer than white gas stoves. I have kerosene lamps and lots of clear lamp oil (clean kerosene) stashed. Has anyone here used them? Here is the US source I found and pictures and info.
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    Never used one but I do think they are an interesting alternative.

    Anyone have a clue what the price difference between Kerosene and Coleman fuel (white gas)? I haven't bought Kerosene in ages.

    I currently run a multi-fuel stove for when I am above the timberline. It makes a great emergency stove because of the multitude of fuels it takes. MSR Whisperlite International I believe. I'm not sure if anyone makes more of a base model for a bug in scenario. Multiple small stoves would work the same and fill two roles.
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    Interesting. I just did a search to see what Coleman fuel was going at these days.... about $8-9/ gallon. Kerosene is definitely a better deal. Kerosene is much less volatile than white gas or gasoline. Of course, white gas or gasoline has a bit more uses. I think my usefulness has expired here. I say get one. I would like to know how it works. [dunno]
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    What timing.
    I just bought an Alpaca 8,500 BTU kerosene stove from Lehmans.

    They sell a lot of stuff to the Amish so they have bunch of unpowered things. Some are overpriced, but this stove was pretty reasonable considering that it costs more elsewhere and is of known quality.

    It came this week and I had it up and running in about 15 minutes including wick soak. Instructions say not to use it indoors, but I tried it out in my garage with no problems.
    Makes a nice blue flame that is easily adjustable. Water boiled pretty fast. I didn't time it, but a quart was at a rolling boil in what seemed like less than 5 min.

    Thing is, this stove is BIG. About a foot high and a foot in diameter.

    BTW, I love kerosene as an emergency fuel. Stores easily and can be used to cook, light and heat. Very safe too. I've run my Kerosun heater in the same room with CO detectors without even a peep.
    They talk about algae growing in old kerosene but I've never seen it, and I've held some kerosene over 5 years. I don't see how this can happen since they obviously NEVER clean the underground tanks at the old service stations that sell it. If it were a major problem, most of these places would be selling contaminated stuff.
    One word though: Don't attempt to store it in plastic barrels. I made that mistake. Apparently expands a lot in the heat and the constant flexing eventually broke the barrel. Steel drums aren't hard to come by.

    I have a few Dietz blizzard lanterns which are also the bomb. 24 hours on < 1 qt. of fuel. True, they're not blinding but they're equal to a 15w bulb which is manageable in an average size room when your eyes adjust. Lehman's has those for $15 a piece.

    Propane stores better, but tanks are expensive and how do you light without carrying around a tank. Mantle lanterns burn hot and give off radiation. If I was heating the house with propane, I'd think about plumbing it for lighting and convection heat, but right now, I'd have to rent a big tank. Too many logistical problems.

    Good luck and let us know what you choose.
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    Great review! [beer]
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