For Sale Kevlar Soft Armor Panels *Last batch*

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    Found a small batch of Kevlar soft armor panels in my personal projects pile, these are all standalone level II equivalent except for panel C7, which contains 8 layers. Armor is all woven P-Aramid, all in great condition. This is getting harder to find, and makes a great addition to your preps and gear. This is all personal material from my workbench.

    THIS IS THE LAST BATCH OF SURPLUS PANELS I HAVE. If you need them, get 'em now.

    NOTE: NOW ACCEPTING SILVER (AND GOLD IN SMALL SIZES 1/10th oz.). I will give you a 10% discount in dollar price if paying via metal. No numismatic coins, strictly bullion value. Eagles, Maple Leaves, US junk silver, Kruggerand 1/10th oz. No Pandas please....

    Panel Height Width Condition Price Number Available



    C7_____11.5"_________16.75"_________Very Good________$26_______________1

    I accept US postal money order and cash only. No checks, no bank money orders, no PP, no exceptions whatsoever. Shipping is via flat rate envelope or box, and I ship the smallest box that will fit. Please IM or email with questions. Cross-posted so please post an "I'll take it" in the thread followed by an IM, earliest timestamp gets the panel(s). I will include delivery confirmation or insurance at purchaser's discretion and expense. Thanks!
    Panels1. Panels2. Panel3.
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