key date. March 20th.

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    That is the day that the Greek Government defaults on 14.5Billion in Bond payments.

    Fitch Says Greece Will Default By March 20 Bond Payment | ZeroHedge

    The days leading up to that are going to be tumultuous and the days after are going to be nutty.

    IMHO TPTB already know it's going to happen. Lots of people are going to loose. Question is, Is it going to Italy or Spain next?
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    Let's not forget Portugal and Ireland

    I read on ferFal's blog that he finally escaped Argentina and moved to Ireland. I suppose he wants to go through it again?
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    I wonder how far after the dominos start when will it be our turn. Im sure we will be near the front.
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    I believe the dominoes are falling. Look at our cost of living, price of gas, food, unemployment, real estate market, etc. We are in the SHTF now and are continuing the slide. There will not be a "SHTF day" announcement - we need to recognize that things are going to get worse for awhile.
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    Look simple fact is, if there is war with Iran, or any of a hundred things, it is SHTF day. It won't be, like melbo said, announced. We will have to be mindful and have trigger points and fall back plans.

    If war erupts with Iran and oil prices double, it is going to exacerbate the situation in Europe, and worsen things here. That is one of my groups "trigger" events. Bank holidays for more than 2 consecutive days, that is a trigger. Stock market closure for more than 1 day is a trigger. European market closures for more than 1 day, trigger.

    Another thing to watch is the sudden announcement of more Quantitative Easing. If there is more QE (real QE not this operation twist joke), that is inflation, too much it is hyperinflation. I also watch Treasury holdings pretty closely. The fact that China and Russia have reduced their Treasury holdings by 30% and 50%, respectively, in the past year is telling in and of itself.

    A serious enough false flag and the declaration of National Martial Law with curfews, that is a trigger. Big time.

    Again, YMMV, just be mindful.

    Oh and Greece is defaulted already. Tomorrow the sanctions on Iran are being discussed by the EU. Eyes and ears open folks.
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    In a very real sense the USA has its self has already defaulted on its loans. I base that on the FACT that not anyone person on earth truley believes that the debt will be paid back.
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    The former Chairman of the Fed, the most wicked Alan Greenspan stated rather implicitly the US will never default on "Meet the Press" August 11, 2011. I do believe he is right, to a point. What he was not telling the sheep watching the show was that in order to avoid default, it would mean massive hyperinflation and devaluation of the USD due to the amount of money needing to be printed to cover these debts. So, technically, we'll never default. We would however experience a complete hyperinflationary economic breakdown greater than that seen by Argentina, The Weimar Republic, or even Zimbabwe.
    Other things of note:
    EU Iran embargo pushes up oil | Fin24
    Iran 'definitely' closing Strait of Hormuz over EU oil embargo — RT

    Like I said. Eyes Open.
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    I say Falcon for President! Thanks for all the heads up, you englighted me of how close the end is.

    Another thing to watch for is when "electronic" money becomes unrealiable.

    Once the Goovernment seizes all retirement bank accounts, and that will happen, isnt that somewhat a default?
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    LOL thanks, but I will never run. I always try to keep my eye on the macro picture. There are so many things rushing to an "event horizon" it is like the Three Stooges trying to squeeze through a door all at once. It is only a matter of which "stooge" gets through the door first. Once the first event has hit critical mass (gotten through the door), the rest will follow. The world we live in now, the world as we know it will cease to be, and a new paradigm will take it's place. On a "doomsday clock" we are, in my estimation, and the estimation of others, only seconds from midnight.
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